Pulling Out All The Stops

Happy Friday campers!

Today’s post is a giant game of “now you see it, now you don’t.” Translation: pull out features for your home. Pull outs are really just genius, to put it most simply. Keep them tucked away when you don’t need them and they’re flush with the other lines of your home. Impediment, none. Open them to reveal a hidden world of additional surface and storage. Your own version of a magic trick.

Above, a delightfully handy pull out cutting board, and below, an entire pull out table. Hello!

Drink in the magnificence of this pull out pantry storage:

And here, quite possibly the most ingenious way to store kitchen utensils.

How awesome is this pull out bedside/ sofa-side table?

This next one is really more of a pop-up than a pull out but, you know, tomayto/tomahto. Too cool to exclude.

Pull out bathroom storage. You can see how using a pull out here really makes the most of the space.

Get a load of these pull out steps. Those of you with wee ones might want to seriously consider this.

Naturally everyone needs a pull out table on which to wrap gifts.

Along with hugely oversized pull out shelves to house all their shoes.

A no-brainer, the pull out hamper. Because really, who wants that thing out in plain sight?

Officially, now, every linen closet should be outfitted with pull out shelves. This is one storage area that could definitely stand to gain the maximized accessibility that comes with the glorious glide.

That’s all she (I) wrote for now folks! Wishing you a weekend of bliss.

Image credits: Orrick and Company, unknown, BHG, Rev-A-ShelfBHGPeter CarlsonBHG, Pottery Barn Kids, California Closets, Interieur, BHG, Real Simple



  1. […] living room. It also features a ridiculously handy white marble insert, (we all know I love a good pull-out) perfect for slicing lemons, cheeses, and other fussy hors d’oeuvre and […]

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