Weekend Inspiration Courtesy of Celina

Happy weekend hummingbirds! I recently stumbled across some truly rockstar status organization from the site ByCelina that I couldn’t resist sharing. Check out how homegirl organizes her dressing room:

Organization amaz-tion, as I like to say. If you need some pointers in the closet department, you can always use this year’s Closet Week as a resource.

Moving right along to little Miss Celina’s makeup collection…


Again, say it with me, “rockstar.” Celina clearly has a pretty vast collection of makeup, but she keeps it neat and incredibly well-sorted by devoting separate drawers to each type of makeup item, and by further organizing each drawer with dividers. (For pointers organizing your makeup, be sure to check out The Lady’s Guide to Organizing Makeup).

Last up is Celina’s nail polish collection. I absolutely love (and heartily approve) of her use of tiered shelves to keep them neat and give her maximum visibility. (More help on the nail polish front here).

Celina’s website features a tab solely dedicated to “storage solutions.” I, for one, can’t wait to explore what else lies within…

Hoping these snippets give you some motivation to get off your tuchas and go organize! (I really wanted that to rhyme; it almost worked, didn’t it? No? Hmm..)

K bye!!



  1. Amazing , great collection. like it
    parfum pas cher

  2. Wow, I have absolute wardrobe envy! What an amazing space! Although, I’m a little alarmed at the extent of that makeup collection haha I wonder how much gets used…. :)

    Life Etc

  3. Giovanna says:

    Love this inspo! That closet is amazing! Definitely love all the organization of the cosmetics as well!


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