Ballard Knows What’s Up.

It’s Friday panda bears!

In an effort to maintain the wonder-factor that is this beginning-of-the-weekend-day, I give you: Ballard Designs. This company has been killin’ it for me lately. Their merchandise strikes the perfect balance between polished and earthen, between clean and crisp and I just pulled this out of a dumpster, between- well, you get the picture.

Perhaps “unobtrusive” isn’t the adjective that home decor companies are striving for, but I must award that word here, and argue that it is, in fact, quite an asset. To me, their pieces just sort of blend seamlessly into the larger backdrop of the room. They offer loads of inherent storage space, and yet, don’t appear to be “getting in the way.”

Observe, if you will, this absurdly charming little tray table.

Next up, this totally versatile serving hutch. I could see this being used in a dining room, a kitchen, or a living room. It also features a ridiculously handy white marble insert, (we all know I love a good pull-out) perfect for slicing lemons, cheeses, and other fussy hors d’oeuvre and aperitif accouterments.

A perfectly sized, elegant little bench– Why not?

Corner space wasted no more:

A just-luxurious-enough daybed. Perfect for overnight guests, or for when you get a hankering for a first-rate nap, simply call upon the trundle bed stowed beneath.

Now this. This is where they really start to get me. A stair basket. Use it at the bottom of the steps to keep items you intend to take upstairs with you (whenever you get around to making that treck) or use it at the top for things you wish to bring down.

I so enjoy this little vanity vignette– a simple, streamlined table and lamp, some large letter plaques to boot. I’m not a fan of the flouncy skirted chair but, you know, to each her own.

A lovely chest and rather perfect chair:

And a glamorous yet refined console table:

A few ingenious wall pocket organizers:

And a couple of delightful desks:

I have perhaps saved the best for almost-last. Shoe and boat storage by Ballard. I mean. It really doesn’t get better than this. Simply mesmerizing I tell you.

Finally- it opens at the close and if you’re not a Harry Potter fan then don’t read that– an entryway unit to finish off the roundup. Hooks, cubbies, drawers. Check, check, check.

Lest you think that I have received some sort of incentive for this post, rest assured that Ballard has not a clue in this universe that I exist. Free love is what this really is.

From me to them, and me to you, and you to the world.

Products: Butler’s Tray, Paulette ServerAntoinette Bench, Miranda Corner Cabinet, Louis Daybed, Rattan Step Basket, Skirted Vanity Stool, Serpentine ChestGrand Marquis Console Table, Pocket Embossed Organizers, Home Office Ensemble, Genevieve DeskSarah Petite Shoe Storage, Sarah Storage Tower x2, Triple Beadboard Entry Cabinets



  1. They have beautiful pieces!! Im really glad I have no money or I could do some serious damage.. LOL Great photos. Thank you for sharing these :)

  2. Ballard designs gives me so much inspiration when I look through their issues.
    The stair baskets are so fantastic.
    Beautiful examples here!
    Hope you had a great weekend Annie!

  3. I’ve always been such a big fan of Ballard! They have great things at fairly affordable prices. Love what you featured!

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more, Annie! I’m a huge Ballard fanatic! Looking at this post gave me goosebumps. :)

    Hope you had a good week and a happy 4th. I’ve missed coming here every day! xoxo

  5. I like those designs. Pics full of inspirations :)


  6. Your fabulousness has caught our attention! Thank you for all the love! The truth is, YOU know what’s up – and we appreciate that.

  7. nicolemelv says:

    I love Ballard’s look and you described it perfectly! I live in Atlanta and we have not one, but TWO Ballard outlets. Total danger zone (in an amazing sort of way). Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!

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