Spotlight on Heather Garret Design

Happy Friday, waffle cones!

Today I’ve got just one name on the brain (or two, if you factor in: first and last). That moniker is Heather Garret.

Lady Garret hails from Durham, NC, but moved to NYC to attend Parsons where she studied under some impressively sounding french interior designer. Why do the french always get to be tre important? Is it the croissants? The Towel, Eiffel? I digress.

Heather. Her work is like a giant ice cream cone (see above); one scoop un-snobbery, one scoop serene, two scoops sophistication.  And perhaps a generous sprinkling of masterfully textured toppings. Are we tired of this metaphor yet?

We shall begin with the children. Because I can’t not acknowledge a tantalizingly well-ordered play/craft room.

This continues into the closet. Although slightly older in genre, the space is no less Living Simply.

Moving right along, a living room built for many. Note the nailhead detailing, the very subtle doses of color.

Next- a study in neutrals. My love of the neutral family is perhaps as vast as that of the white clan. I’m sorry. Highlights herein: mirror, oh wait, no, all of it.

Living room, the second, by Garret. Please pay homage with me to the drum shade featured in the following two photos.

La Kitchen. La totally gorgeous. Rich chocolate brown, subway tile, exceptionally radiant lighting orb.

And another– less french modern, more uber sleek sophisticated. My hat is off to you, madame Garret.

In conclusion, to all the non-frenchies of the world, I remind you: you are important, too. Go get yourself a nice big ice cream cone to celebrate that fact.



  1. stunning! i love how clean, bright and INVITING the spaces are. i want to move in.

  2. Elaine DiNitto says:

    Wow! Seriously gorgeous…you are right!! Exquisite!!


  1. […] very smart blog, Live Simply by Annie, has featured Heather here.  Take a […]

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