Bathroom Storage I’ve Seen and Liked Lately

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It seems everywhere I turn and by turn I mean click, ingenious bathroom storage options are popping out at me. When I came upon a life size cosmetic lazy susan (patience, we shall get there soon enough) I decided the only sensible thing was to unite them in post format.

Exhibit A. Over the door vanity organizer.

I am usually tactically and rather all-together opposed to over-the-door anything’s, but in this case, I must diverge from my usual opinion. No plastic cup/sleeve things, just neat and easily accessible bonus bathroom space.

Exhibit b. Self-adhesive pods for the inside of medicine cabinet doors. I imagine some care would need to be taken when adhesive-ing so as to ensure that the door will still close properly, but otherwise, totally handy spot for those smaller items.

Exhibit C. For Cubbies. I don’t think I’ll say more than that.

This next idea has admittedly never occurred to me, and if it has you, well then, you win today. When I saw it one word came to mind: duh. Hang a towel rack on the underside of a shelf as a way to save space.

Moving along, this very high-maintenance makeup and cosmetics storage tower. Me likey.

Finally arriving at the aforeblogged storage unit with spinning sections– a grand opportunity for small spaces if you ask me.

Next up, a bench on which to rest apre shower that doubles as storage for towels and other beauty whathaveyou’s.

Exhibit H. (you thought I lost count by now didn’t you) This is perhaps a little too much happening on one turquoise door for me, though I do enjoy a turquoise door and turquoise most anything. However, I have chosen to showcase it as it features so many different and creative storage options.

We have a little bit of the over-the-door hanging action happening, a pretty good deal of the towel bar doing it’s thang, but would you have guessed it? Turns out this here door has actually been given a coat of magnetic paint- that’s right, the whole darn door is a magnet! Thus the ability to use small magnetic containers to hold bobby pins, let’s say, as well as magnetic hooks to hold necklaces.

This is a take it or leave it, and I’d be curious to hear which way you lean.

The moral of the story is: there is certainly no shortage of bathroom storage. Take into account the nature of your space, and the type of things you need to store, and then go into that big, wide world and get yourself some!

And then come back again tomorrow thanks for reading bye.

Image credits: Urban Outfitters, Martha Stewart, Solutions, Martha Stewart, Decoracion, unknown, House to Home, BHG, BHG


  1. Pearl Girl says:

    On the take it or leave it survey, I’m in the “take it” camp. Plus, it looks like the door hardware is from IKEA, an organizer’s playground for me. I love anything that does double-duty, so the magnetic paint is a Win; even if you don’t end up using it very often, it’s there if you want it.
    I’ve done it in a kitchen too, and have oodles of fun with magnetic paint. Great photo. Thanks!
    p.s. It is IKEA gear, is it not?

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