How To Organize Business Cards

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Business cards are essentially the trading card game of the grown-up sector: collect ’em all! All of a sudden, you’ve spent your parent’s retirement fund at Toys R Us on packs of Pokemon cards, you’ve gone around to every neighbor you know and traded back and forth, Yogio for Pugliox (I made those up- you think I know the names of Pokemon characters?) and in the end, you have a giant ass stack of cards to show for it. And then what?

In order to tackle the stack, you’ll need to establish your plan of attack. Do you wish to hold onto the cards for future reference, or do you prefer to store the information digitally? One deciding factor may simply be volume; if you’re a massive business card monger it may be wiser to go the digital route. If you have a more modest amount then saving the actual cards may be realistic.

If you chose the virtual route, be advised that there are a bevy of websites and apps designed to help you do just this. Evernote is one particularly beloved because of its ability to store massive amounts of information. Other top-rated apps include: CardMunch, Shoeboxed Business Card Reader, CamCard, and many, many more.

If you raised your hand wildly in the sky when I called out for card keepers, the following may provide some answers.

1. Using a hole-punch and a metal book ring or easily clasped chain, create a card holder that’s mobile and easily flip-through-able. Do make sure to insert blank cards as needed to denote changes in card category or letter.

My friend in college used this technique for her hebrew flash cards and I was always slightly envious of her set up during study dates, but that’s a story for a different day.

The next option more classically recalls that now defunct “rolodex;” a neat little box with alphabetized divider tabs to keep your cards in order.

Lastly- business cards meet binder. You may purchase binders made expressly for the purpose of housing your cards, or you may improvise a la the image below: a photo album.

I do hope these ideas are helpful, my rice cakes. And remember: a person should not be judged by the amount of Pokemon cards in their stack, but by…whatever determines the quality of a Pokemon card.


Image credits: Paper LovelyErinzam, Just Something I Made, See Jane Work, Real Simple


  1. I use a couple of different systems – I have hundreds of business cards on file so I have to be pretty organized but you have given me a couple of new ideas!

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