4 Options for Storing Hats

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Hi little lemons.

Today we’re talking hats and their storage. Hats are so overly sensitive, see, that figuring out a way to store them is most inconvenient. The slightest of incorrect situating can result in bent brims and misshapen crowns. And really, when a hat no longer looks right, it no longer looks right. And you look like a fool. To avoid all that, try these 4 storage options.

1. Erect a hat wall. Some people do so love their head coverings that to gaze at them daily is the greatest of treats. At it’s simplest level, this requires nailing some hooks into the wall, and then hanging said hats upon said hooks.

2. Use a hat stand.

This may not be as practical for those with hugely voluminous hat collections, but for those of you with one or two, will fit the bill just fine.

3. The classic hat box.

Speaking in clear terms, I do recommend being a bit more disciplined with your boxes than the image below, but again, all stringency depends largely on the number of hats you own. One of my clients had a hat collection so extensive, well, it was extensive. We kept things clear for her for photographing the hat and attaching the image to the outside of the box.

4. For the deeply invested millinery milieu- why not devote whole shelves, cupboards, or cubbies to your toppers?


Image credits: Liz Cherkasova via Tutu’s and Stilettos, . A Beautiful Mess, Apartment Therapy, Country Living, Candimandi, Cozamia, Rita Konig, Kasey Buick, unknown, The King’s Speech, via Quintessence, Veranda


  1. Love that these ideas turn hats into a display! Mine are currently crushed in my closet… I need to do something about that ASAP!

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