Space Saver In the Kitchen– Hanging Mugs

In leu of boundless cabinetry, you may find your mugs without a place to be. “Good heavens!” You will cry, “But what about the mugs?!” What about them, I say. Simply get yourself some hooks and you’re in business. If you’re particularly proud of your mug collection, this doubles as a fabulous way to put them on display.

This idea is equally advantageous when applied inside the actual cupboards; utilize otherwise wasted upper-cabinet-region space, and keep your mugs safely tucked away.

This last proposition is perhaps less about conserving precious space than it is erecting a hydration shrine to your hot beverage of choice. Hang mugs close to your coffee maker or tea whathaveyou’s to achieve a ready-made drink station.

Image credits: Country Living, My Lovely Things, Southern Living, Notebook Magazine, Vogue Home, Coastal Living, Herz-allerliebst, The Kitchn, , Door Sixteen, Design Sponge


  1. Perfect timing because I was just about to tell J that this is what I want to do in our kitchen!!! And now I have to visuals to entice :)

    Hope you’re having a great day, Annie! xoxo

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