“Annie is my savior! I really needed someone–an impartial someone–to help me get started clearing away all the clutter that had accumulated over the two years that I was busy taking care of my seriously ill husband. The fact that I am a “collector” didn’t help either.

When we got started at our first session, I knew that we would have a good partnership. Annie had a friendly but no-nonsense demeanor and we got to work right away. Annie didn’t just tell me what to do but were very “hands on”: choosing a spot to begin, taking things out of boxes and shelves, sorting them out and presenting them to me to decide whether to toss, save or donate.

Annie “encouraged” me to get rid of duplicate items (“Barbara, do you really need six similar sized vases? Do you think two would be enough?”) without pressuring me or being annoyed with me if I wanted to keep something. Annie suggested ways to organize the “keepers” and put them in their new places, bagged up and listed the items to be donated, and then put the tossed items in garbage bags and carried them to the curb. I was so encouraged by the amazing progress we made that first day–I could see light at the end of the tunnel! It felt good to see results of our hard work, but I was having fun as well.

After 12 sessions with Annie, my house has been transformed. I can see my carpeting! And my closets, cupboards and drawers look so organized when I open them. Working with Annie was a pleasure and I think we made a good team. The “frosting on the cake,” though, was the hugs we exchanged when we said good-bye at the end of each session. I truly enjoyed meeting and working with Annie!


Barbara Coden, West Bloomfield MI

* * *

“I was suffocating under an ever-increasing avalanche of paper generated by my professional practice.  My office space is limited and I could see that, without some system of organization, the papers would eventually ‘take over’ the small amount of space available.  I felt as if I had no extra time to devote to this project that appeared overwhelming to me each time I surveyed it.  Every time I started to try to organize even a small corner of it, I would become frustrated and give up.  I knew I needed to hire someone from outside who could size up the problem without having to overcome the personal attachment I seemed to have to all those papers.   

One of Annie’s biggest contributions turned out to be other than I expected.  Although her help was critical in getting my office organized, in general, having her support allowed me to confront the ultimate issue of staying organized.  And that’s how I made the decision, after beginning to work with her, to go “paperless” as much as possible.  I’m sure I wouldn’t have made the decision without having delved into the project and I wouldn’t have delved into it without her.  Annie’s being here, with an organizational ‘eye,’ propelled me toward that decision, because it allowed me to confront the mess and address it.

What was most valuable about working with Annie was the way in which she personalized the system she created.  She didn’t walk in and impose her way of doing things on me.  The process was much more ‘organic.’  We worked together, she got to know me and some of the personality traits that led to the clutter situation, and she designed it all in a way that could easily be assimilated right into the rhythm of my life and my work day.  That’s the aspect that made the effort truly worthwhile.”

– Emily M., Birmingham MI

* * *

“Annie transformed an overwhelming job that stymied me for years into manageable pieces that we could handle step-by-step. When Annie arrives at my house, she is focused and ready to get going. Annie works very quickly. I have been amazed to see so much accomplished in so little time. When I am ready to tackle the next problem area, I’m calling Annie!”

-Ronna R., Birmingham MI

* * *

“Annie helped me transform our hall closets and basement storage area from a mess of anything we needed to store (and hide), to organized, clearly labeled workable space. She has the vision to be able jump immediately into the job, not wasting a second, and works tirelessly until the task is complete. My husband actually asked her to come back to help him organize his closet (I never thought that would happen!) and the system she devised for him is keeping him organized. We had fun working with Annie, too! We enjoy showing guests in our home how neat and well organized these areas are now. We plan to have Annie back to help us with more closets very soon.”

– Beth M., West Bloomfield MI

* * *

“As a boutique designer firm in New York, I have been exposed to a plethora of houses and apartments.  Many of my projects have included residences and professional offices in New York, the Hamptons and Seattle, Washington, and through Live Simply all of those spaces have been perfected.  Translating my clients’ lifestyles and needs into a stunning as well as functional environment is my main goal. With Annie’s services I was able to give my clients not only a beautiful home to live in but one that was organized to their individual needs.  You do not know what you are missing until you use Live Simply!”

-Alyse Ruth Designs, New York City

* * *

She is a true professional—easy to work with, fun, but all business when it comes to getting the job done. I would readily rehire her in the future. Having been a business owner for many years, I know the importance of top notch, sharp young people—especially those who are solid and hardworking. Annie is one of those rare candidates.”

–Terry A., CEO & Founder of Benevon, Seattle, WA

* * *

“I recently hired this young woman to help get my kitchen organized. I am a busy wife, mother of three and currently a returning college student. With no time to attend to the organizational needs of my house, I sought Annie’s services. She works efficiently, with clear focus about the task at hand and is extremely pleasant. I highly recommend her for any organizing needs.”

– Joanne L., NY

* * *

“I have used Live Simply twice now, and can only say you must make an appointment as soon as possible. Annie has a way of organizing that I was unaware even existed. Her belief in making life easy and efficient has helped me manage my everyday life. As a college student and first year medical student, I would not have been able to keep my room, closet, and work area a comfortable living environment if I did not have Annie’s help.”

– Nicole R., NY

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