Monday’s Meditation: On Giving and Receiving

Happy Monday,  marshmallows! Before we get into today’s meditation, I have an exciting announcement– I’ve moved over to a spankin’ new self-hosted site. You can access the new homepage by heading directly to, and can reach the blog by visiting I would love it if you would adjust your readers so that you can continue receiving post notifications.

Okay, onward:

I have inhabited the role of “giver” for much of my life. Circumstances have asked that of me, and along the way, have taught me how to be adept at giving. Giving has become my default mode, the role I naturally and repeatedly fall into.

I know far less of being a receiver, feel overly exposed and vulnerable when called to occupy this role. All too frequently I attempt to avoid it with an “oh, no, don’t worry, don’t trouble yourself.” Or, “that’s so sweet, but I’ll be fine.” I wouldn’t want to be a burden, wouldn’t want to cause anyone to do anything solely on my behalf– the horror, after all.

This is one of the lessons of my life, and perhaps one of yours as well: learning how to receive, learning to receive without hesitation, without discomfort.

Always and this week, I offer the following thoughts for you and I to meditate on:

When help is offered, and you are in need of it, do not go without. There is no nobility to be found in isolation or inauthenticity of need.

Accept gifts with an unburdened mind, knowing that your tendency to give will, in short time, return the universe to equilibrium.

Remember that your own opportunity to give has shaped you into a compassionate and capable person. Allow others to further that aspect of themselves by accepting their kindness. Do not deny anyone the chance to give.

Remember that those who give the most are the ones who thus propel the universe to give back to them in equal proportion. Begin to expect that the world will reflect for you what you put forth into it.

Remember that we are all constantly shifting between the roles of giver and receiver, and that no person is meant to occupy just one.

Remember that no one has ever made it through life without accepting various gifts, that no one expects nor wishes you to pioneer that path.

Remember that kindnesses are meant to be recycled– that to avoid participating in that universal process is futile and in some way obstructs the world’s natural dynamic.

Remember that we are all meant to take care of each other.

Remember that giving is fluid. Let it come to you. Let it go to others. Let it flow easily in either direction.

* * *

P.S. Today a special thank you goes to a Mr. Zack Rosen, who gave of his time and talents to help construct this totally beautified website that you are a’ reading. My little internet world has gotten a giant ass face lift c/o Z.R. and I could not be more grateful. Do take a look around these parts and admire the scenery, I hope you love what you see as much as I do. All hats off to Zack. All of them.

Image credit: The Wild Fleur

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