Why hire a professional organizer?

We are intimidated by our own stuff. We have looked at the same things in the same places for so long that to even consider changing them feels simply daunting. But a professional organizer hasn’t spent ten years looking at the same pile of sweaters or stacks of papers. Thus, I’m not limited by familiarity. I have the gift of a fresh perspective, which allows me to see what isn’t working, and how it might work better. So often the smallest and most obvious seeming suggestions are the ones my clients get the most excited by. “I never thought to do that!” they’ll tell me. All it takes sometimes is a new pair of eyes.

Familiarity breeds attachment. This is the other major reason why a fresh perspective can be so helpful. We form attachments to our stuff, that’s only natural. Sometimes these attachments are warranted, and other times…well, they aren’t. It’s helpful to have an objective opinion to consult with about whether certain items are actually worth saving. I can offer you the support needed to finally get rid of those things you’ve been holding onto for so long with no good cause as to why.

Will I work with you?

Your level of involvement in the organizing process is ultimately your choice. As long as you are willing and able, my preference is for all of our work to be done as a team. Your input and involvement is extremely important. In the end, I want to establish an organizational system that’s going to work for you, and that can’t happen without your involvement.

What is the organizational process?

The first step to getting organized is to schedule a consultation appointment. During this initial meeting you will show me the areas that are your organizational priorities, and we will discuss what changes need to be made. At the end of the consultation, we will set up our first organizing appointment.

How long does each appointment last?

I typically like to work in blocks of four hours at a time. Sometimes we may wish to work longer, but four hours is the minimum amount of time needed to really make some noticeable progress.

How long does it take to complete a project?

The length of time to complete a project varies with each client. Completion time is dependent upon factors such as the size and number of rooms, the amount of clutter, client’s level of participation, and how quickly decisions are made.

What if I have to cancel an appointment?

Please let me know about a cancellation as soon as possible (at least 48 hours notice.) Cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice will incur a cancellation fee.

How does Live Simply charge?

Live Simply charges by the hour. Please contact me for further information about rates and packages.

What if I’m embarrassed to show you my mess?

The truth is that most everyone has at least one area of their home that’s a complete disaster, whether it’s an entire basement or one drawer filled with horrors. And while I understand the desire to conceal this fact from most visitors, I am the one person with whom you don’t have to feel ashamed. It’s best to think of me as a doctor of clutter; I see these kinds of things all the time. The good news? I have yet to meet a mess that I couldn’t handle.

Should I do anything to prepare for your visit?

No, I want to see your spaces exactly as they are! The current state of things is the best indicator for me of what and how things need to change.

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