About Annie

I have the ability to see the potential for organization through the clutter. That’s why countless clients have turned to me to help them recover their spaces and reclaim their sanity.

From a very early age, I began to cultivate my love of organizing. At seven I spearheaded a paper sorting campaign in my family, and during childhood I spent play dates cleaning my friend’s bedrooms. I soon realized that what came naturally to me was a struggle for others. After graduating from the University of Michigan with my B.A. in English, I began organizing professionally. In doing so, I learned the great satisfaction I felt by providing others with a service that had the ability to drastically improve their daily lives.

I am driven by my passion for finding order amidst chaos, and for making complex things simple. I possess a deep appreciation for aesthetics; organization, in my opinion, should be both functional and beautiful, as our physical surroundings greatly impact our mental and emotional states.  An ordered space, I know, will ensure a clear and ordered mind.

“Live Simply by Annie” was born out of the belief that everyone should be able to enjoy the calm and ease that organization brings.

*Live Simply logo by Ariel Markowitz

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