Ready to “live simply?”

The “Live Simply” philosophy isn’t one of minimalism. It doesn’t require you to rid your house of all of earthly possessions. After all, things are important. What you choose to fill your space with says a lot about you.

The “Live Simply” lifestyle is one that is uncomplicated, that is manageable, and that honors the beauty found within simplicity. It is recognizing that your environment greatly impacts your overall well-being. By ridding yourself of the unnecessary stuff- the duplicates, triplets, quadruplets of things, the tired, worn, or never used, the items that are weighing you down, taking up precious space, and complicating your daily routine- you can achieve balance, contentedness, and a furthered sense of empowerment.

Whether you’re pleasantly perplexed or downright disastrous at organizing, Annie can help you put effective organizational systems into place that will transform your once cluttered and chaotic life into one that is easy, straight-forward—simple.

–       Makeover closets, desks, and shelves

–       Establish efficient kitchens

–       Reduce clutter

–       Institute effective entryway practices

–       Set up or streamline home offices

–       Sort and reduce paper piles

–       Create paper filing systems

–       Manage basements and storage areas

–       Arrange garages

–       Sort and catalogue photos, books, collectibles

–       Prepare and pack for travel

–       Pack or unpack for relocation

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