Spotlight On Alice Lane Home Collection

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Happy Friday, popchips!

Today I’d like to formally introduce you to Alice Lane Home Collection, a furnishings boutique and interior design firm in Utah. Quite frankly, I remain entirely unclear which of the products featured in the images below are actually sold by Alice and which have been purchased elsewhere, but it just so happens that I happen not to care. I tend to think that after you drink in the glory beneath you won’t either.

To begin, I humbly present to you an A.L. office, replete with subtly polka-dotted window dressings and a perfectly pretty chair.

The Alice team loves their vignettes, and for that I’d like to give them big kisses on their Utahian cheeks.

Living room c/o the A. Lane; neutrals, stately mantle, and delicate touches evident.

Next up, the power room. Dainty, feminine, and just enough shabby chic to actually be chic rather than old-beat-up-piece-of-shit-that-we’ll-dub-shabby-chic-and-make-them-pay-a-fortune-for.

The vignettes. They kill me.

A most splendifous little boy’s room by the folks at Alice Lane. Who could deny the grandeur of such contrast between soft, muted walls and rich, dark wood, or the very quiet way the bed frame recalls that of a master sailors?

Equally as appealing, and equally as non-obnoxiously gender-biased– a delightful room fit for the most well-adjusted young girlthing. The bold color will satisfy her ‘tween yearnings for loud decorative statements where most of her pals will be forced to trod down the rocky path of plastering teen idol posters over their walls. I tell you, she will be the envy of her friends, so chic, so trendy, it’s not fair! they shall cry.

I can’t even comment on this. The beauty overwhelms me so.

And now to the kitchens. The kitchens. If the vignettes killed me, these rooms require an appropriately amplified superlative. These slay me.

And finally, a little white to close us out. Not because I want to- I don’t, no-ho, not I!- but because I know it’s expected of me at this point.

I do help you enjoy your weekends, muskrats. Try one new eating establishing, read three whole pages of some bound volume, and good heavens, at least try to work in some loveliness and or/ live simply-ness.


  1. beautiful

  2. how amazing are these photos!?! i have pinned almost all of them and it is exactly how i would like my house to look in a few years. seriously, that kitchen is to die for!! thanks for sharing! have a great weekend :) xx



    Spotlight On Alice Lane Home Collection – livesimplybyannie

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