Bar Food for Breakfast?

Mornings are hard on most of us. True, there does walk among us a mutant strain of human that actually thrives during the early hours, but for the majority of us, mornings are when our minds and limbs move the slowest. So what can be done to help inject some speed and efficiency into our morning routine? Easy, install a breakfast bar.

“Breakfast bar” is a fancy way of saying “a place in the kitchen where you keep all the stuff you use for your morning meal together in one place.” But we can be fancy too, can’t we? so we’ll stick with BB here.

Pick a spot where you can corral all the items and appliances you use in the morning. If you’re the toasting type, then keep the toaster in your breakfast bar. Coffee drinker? Keep your coffee maker, stirrers, sugars, non-dairy creamers, and a mug. If cereal is your go-to, store boxes in your bar. Pull out a spoon and bowl the night before, so that all you have to handle in the AM is the retrieval and pouring of the milk.

Now, don’t get carried away in your bar-ing and cross the line into cluttering up the counters, heaven forbid. Don’t go putting the entire contents of your pantry out in plain sight and then say “Annie told me to.” But a little station that’s kept neat and helps your day start smoothly? Now that I’ll approve.

Image Credits: HGTV,, Chris Madden, Martha Stewart



  1. Great stuff, Annie!

  2. jillian parker says:

    i love this!!! so creative!


  1. […] Can you imagine how great it would be to serve those at my B&B? I would be beaming! …And I could stock a little community refrigerator for my guests to help themselves… it might look something like this from Live Simply by Annie: […]

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