Live Simply All-Star: Lazy Susan

I bet you’ve always wondered where the term “lazy Susan” comes from. Well, today I am not here to clear that up. Turns out, Suzie Q. and her namesake spinning plate remain one of the great unsolved domestic mysteries.

These twirling trays made their debut in the 18th century as “dumbwaiters.” With household servants on the decline, the poor upper crust were forced to compensate, and the rotating platter was born. We can only assume that somewhere along the line, an exceptionally slothful dame named Susan popped onto the scene, inspiring some crafter to perfect the device in her languid honor.

The elusive Susan continues to simplify the lives of people everywhere. Seems to me this idea is one of the most ingenious and versatile. Here are some ways that perhaps even Susan, herself, couldn’t have envisioned affecting change:

The use of Miss S. in the fridge is my personal favorite. Why not try this idea yourself?

Image Credits: Martha Stewart, QVC,, Facebook, Martha Stewart



  1. My favorite is the one for shoes! How useful.

  2. Axelwan Kenobi says:

    “The term “Lazy Susan” made its first written appearance in a Good Housekeeping article in 1906, although their existence dates back to the 18th century. ..There is clear evidence as to the origin of the Susan part of Lazy Susan. It was invented by Tomas Eddison, and named after his daughter.” – wikipedia

    • Major, heated debate among historians as to all this. Some people insist that it was actually Benjamin Franklin that invented it. Point is, no one seems to be able to prove anything for certain either way…

  3. deana houston says:

    I too love the one in the refrigerator! Who isn’t always hunting and pecking?? WE can never find what we are looking for! thats brilliant! do you think that this can be found in almost any household section of places like Target or Bed Bath and Beyond?

    • livesimplybyannie says:

      Yes, absolutely! Target and BBB are perfect places to look. Also can even find some at party stores sometimes!

  4. What a great idea. I’ve never thought of that. :)

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