No Closet? No Worries; 4 Options for Faking It

That title is an outright lie. No closet = major worries.

If you, poor soul, have somehow willingly committed yourself to living quarters that lack a bona-fide closet space, you will know the great extent of the worries involved in such a scenario. You will have no doubt spent countless nights tossing and turning, wondering “where will I hang my maxis?” and “how on earth will I keep my button-downs freshly pressed?” The thought of the deep wrinkles incurred by having to fold them causing glossy beads of sweat to form on your puckered brow.

First off, let me be the first to say; I’m sorry. I am so deeply sorry for you, my clementine, for your bleak and desperate plight. The voyage ahead will be trying, a true test of your will. But all hope is not lost. True, no substitute will ever be as sweet as the real deal, but there are ways to make up for your closet deficiency. In humblest of opinion, I offer the following:

The Clothes Rack

Not only are these easy to procure or assemble yourself, they are also, as of late, uber trendy. A clothes rack is guaranteed to take you from destitute to tre cute in a matter of moments!

I’ve seen these range from the very basic…

To the awesomely complex…

Image credits: Passion for Fashion,  Jennifer Hagler via Design Sponge, Cupcakes and Cashmere, hrrrthrrr, The Life Styled, Karina Holmen via Design to Inspire, Vanilla Scented via A Pair and a Spare

The Wall-Mounted Pseudo-Closet

If you want something that feels more permanently attached to your dwelling, less free-range and more chained down, than mounting some racks or shelves is your best bet. Again, this can be executed on the small or the large scale.

Image credits: Isabel Asha Penzlien via Design Sponge, IKEA, Design Shimmer via Decor8

The Cover-Up

Now, let’s say you like the idea of the aforementioned options, but you feel your clothes deserve an ounce of privacy. A place to call their own. We’re all deserving of at least that. Well, pop on your party hats and get to installing– a cabana or some curtains are sure to fit the bill.

Image credits: Glitter Guide, IKEA, unknown

The Lion, The Witch, and The You Better Believe I’m Going to Make Myself Some Closet Space!

Wardrobes are perhaps the most natural and obvious choice for the role of understudy to the closet. Wardrobes range in size and style, so fret not about finding one that will fit within your inexcusably measly square footage.

Image credits: House to Home, Party TightsIKEA

I do so hope that I have herein offered you a small glimmer of hope, a light at the end of the closet. Get creative, get to hangin’ and whatever you do, never surrender yourself to the lacking.

So Much Desk, So Little Room

Today’s post was inspired by fellow blogger Lacy Surber’s recent lament about the lack of space in her shared condo. Lacy + Hubby are forced to use their only table as both dining room table and workspace. Of course, Lacy isn’t alone. Most of you probably feel that you don’t have as much space as you would like. So how to reconcile the need for a distinct work area with the limitations of a confined space? Here a few space-saving solutions:

Fold-out Desk

Take a cue from all those people in white coats. Fold out desks are a common staple in hospitals because they allow doctors immediate access to a desktop on which to make notes in charts, and then fold it away for a clear and gurney-friendly hallway once again. These can function similarly in your home; open the desk when you need a surface at which to work, and fold it back up when you’re through. This gives you all the benefits of having an actual desk without permanently sacrificing the space.

You can easily find fold-outs for purchase at many different retailers. If you’re the handy type or trying to pinch pennies, then the fold-out desk is also a do-able DIY project. Apartment Therapy offers a guide on how to build a bookshelf fold-out desk, and Ana White shares the flip down wall art desk she built for her daughter, which could easily be adapted to grown-up use.

Image credits: HomeKlondike.comWorldMarket.comApartment Therapy

Bitty Desk

If you’re not digging the Murphy-desk vibe, then the next best solution is simply a very small desk. If you streamline your workspace essentials (which you should do anyway) then you can still fit the things you need access to on a small desk.

The Bitty Desk is also fairly easily to erect yourself. A certain medialite named “Almost Bunnies” created this look, located in the corner of her dining room, using only a panel of wood and some legs from IKEA.

Image credits: DominoThe Inside Source, 6th Street Design SchoolAlmostbunnies Flikr

Nook and Cranny Desk

When you’re dealing with a small space, it’s important to make the most of any and all free areas. Many companies make desk units that fit snugly into corners, allowing you to utilize otherwise under-valued spots.

Look out for other nooks where a desk might be able to just squeeze its way in; A bedside table can be resurrected into a desk area, as seen below:

You can also try the Bitty Desk mentioned previously, and apply it using the Nook & Cranny strategy. Place your small desk in a tight corner to maximize space.

This next desk space goes to show that if you work with the nature of the space you’ve got, you can certainly achieve a workable workstation. While the owners didn’t have a wide space to work with, they did have a tall one. So what did they do? Erected a really skinny and lanky set up.

Last but not least in this category is the desk-at-the-foot-of-the-bed. This option definitely depends on your comfort level with bringing work into the bedroom. If you feel okay about it, this is an excellent way to make use of space that would otherwise be pretty purposeless.

Image credits: IKEAHouse and Home, BHG, Sarah RichardsonKate Collins Interiors, , The Elegant AbodeMini Manor BlogHouse Beautiful

The Closeted Desk

If, by some rare and extreme good fortune you have closet space to spare, you’ve got a ready-made office at your fingertips.

This last example may be my favorite of this grouping because it goes to show that you don’t necessarily need to have a large, expansive closet in order to convert it to an office. The stylist of the space below transformed a very shallow set of what I would classify as “storage shelves” into a desk. She tacked on a small (and what looks to be a very easy DIY) fold-out table feature, and left the bottom shelf empty for leg room. Close the door, and it all stays tucked away. Open to expose workspace wonder.

 Image credits: Sara Menuck via SunsetReal SimpleIheartOrganizing, Stijlbloem

Boxed-up Desk

If all else fails, and your quarters are really so cramped that adding just one more surface would cause the place to burst at its’ seams, then I suggest using storage bins.

Make it a habit to keep your work related items in containers which can be easily stowed away after use. These will help you keep your work things organized, and allow for easy transition from desk to dining room table, and back again.

Image Credit: West Elm

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