The Beauty of the Kitchen Bar Stool

It seemed only fitting that we close out what has shaped up to be a week of kitchen-y with a bunch of really, really nice kitchens. And not just kitchens, but kitchens with bar stools.

I have never lived in a home with bar stools. Never enjoyed the look of them sitting obediently next to islands, nor been granted the convenience of a seating option that allows those passing through the eating room to sidle up, saddle in, if only for a mere moment. So perhaps it’s my deprivation that has cultivated a deep love, nay, yearning for such seating.

See, the beauty of the bar stool is the lack of commitment involved. If you’re taking a seat in a real live kitchen table chair, you better know you’re in for the long haul. We’re talking multiple courses, lots of questions, and the passing of various dishes back and forth and this way and that; at the very least a napkin on the lap.

The bar stool? It’s a no strings attached type deal. If you perch on one, no one will expect you to stay. No one will ask, “hey, where are you going?” when you get up to leave.

{I learned such wisdom from my cousin, a master in the art of “making an appearance,” who recently gave my sister and me a crash course in the subject. I won’t even attempt to pass on the gospel because I could never do it justice, but it was pure brilliance. Brilliance crafted after a lifetime of familial and therefore obligatory gatherings, of pestering questions from overly concerned Jewish parents and grandparents and friends of parents and siblings and every damn person. I digress}

To the photos, onward:

One day I shall have the glory of the bar stool in a home all my own. Until then, gazing at these images will have to suffice.

Wishing you a weekend of sunshine, Trader Joe’s chocolate coconut ice cream, good books, relaxing, and being real.

Thanks for reading–


Image credits: Tradhome, Traditional HomeHouse to HomeBHG, Burham Design, At Home Arkansas, Louise Bell- Style at Home 



  1. I love all the white houses, but for those of us with kids or in my case foster doggies, white isn’t all that practical. Looks good in pictures though…

  2. OMG I have ALWAYS wanted to have barstools too. These photos got me way too excited. WAY! One day you’ll have them. I just know it. I can tell that you’re a girl who makes things happen. :)

    Have a great weekend, love! xoxo

  3. Ahhh these are amazing! I’m looking for a bar stool for my high desk in my office and love the lucite stools, but am thinking its probably not too comfy!

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