Organizing By Activity: The Baking Zone

Happy Thursday, lilacs!

Are you sick of the kitch? If so, I do sincerely apologize; I swear it is purely coincidental that kitchen-related posts keep cropping up in my brain this week.

The topic on deck is two-fold: 1. the issue of activity zones, and 2. the particular of the baking section. Allow me to elaborate.

Many organizers swear by ordering rooms according to activity zones (i.e. all the miscellaneous goods related to one activity placed together, rather than grouping by category). And while this is not my normal tendency, I do of course alter the tactic depending upon what works best for my client. If activity zones will keep them living simply, then activity zones it is!

It may not look as nice as organizing by item type, since consistency and symmetry are so visually appealing (at least to me) but it does make much logical sense, you agree?

And now to give this issue some context: the baking zone. Keep all goods related to the activity of baking in the same place. This, obviously, is much more relevant for the dedicated baker, of which there are many, but can be executed on the grand or small scale.

Here, grand– an entire cupboard devoted to baking supplies.

Next, for the occasional baker, a couple of shelves filled with baking needs.

Another fabulous version of this idea: a handy baking caddy. Fill a deep tray with your baking supplies, and then most easily bring it out whilst baking and replace afterwards.

And now. I have saved the best for last. Baking zone par excellence.

Tiered shelves for increased access and visibility

Glass jars for consistently reliable storage of the small things

Kitchen utensils suspended from hooks

I MEAN, it doesn’t get better than that. No siree.

Image credits: BHG, BHG, QueenBee Coupons, BHGReal Simple, BHGEveryday Occasions



  1. I love baking but sadly I definitely do not have a baking zone. On second thought, I guess I have a few baking zones because things are all over. Not a good thing. I need to have that fabulous last space pronto. It’s heavenly, isn’t it? And if I can’t have that I at least definitely need to get a baking caddy. I have caddys for basically everything else, so why not my baking supplies? :) xoxo

  2. Looks great! BTW – I can no longer read your posts in my feed. Kind of driving me a little batty :)

  3. Love your pics. Love zones! Recommend them to all my clients for every area of their home!

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