3 Options for Organizing Cooking Utensils

Kitchen utensils are fab. They save our hands from many uncivilized tasks, and for that we should thank them. Can you imagine attempting to measure cupfuls of milk in your palms? Whisking egg whites with your digits? Stirring stew with Tom Thumb? The horror.

And yet we show little gratitude to our cooking paraphernalia. We let them linger in drawers, make them jostle so that they tangle into a stainless steel web of prongs, tongs, and it’s so wrong.

Here, then, three options for honoring thine kitchen accouterments.

1. Hang them up by hook or by crook and by crook I do mean modular utility rail. Easy to get to, easy to see, easy to assemble. Ka-boom!

2. Stand them at attention in canisters of your choosing. Also easy to get to, perhaps a bit more tricky to see and extract each item, and fantastically easy to assemble because like, there is no assembly required. 

3. The old tried and true drawer dividers. I have waxed on about these for days (literally) so I will spare you any additional regaling (today). Harder than the others to get to (you have to open a drawer, swallow that fact!), a breeze to assemble.

That third factor is contingent upon a few things: if you use a divided drawer responsibly, all your utensils will be a cinch to see. However, allow the drawer to become cluttered, your kitchen equipment overrun with quadruplets upon you-don’t-need-seven-spatulas, and you’ll be right back where you started. Back in the web. Back wrestling to pry that drawer open after a quint melon baller has wedged itself up between a cup and a hard place. You have been warned.

Image credits: Torie Jayne, BHG, BHGThis Old House,  BHG, House Beautiful, Martha StewartEveryday Minimalist, IHeart Organizing, BHG



  1. I’m all about the standing ones. I got a fabulous one for my bridal shower a few years ago and I love it. It’s funny, I was just cooking for the first time at home in what seems like months and I was blessing my little utensil cannister. SO happy with how organized and neat it is. Everything has it’s place :) xoxo

  2. I can honestly say that my kitchen drawers are pretty much the most organized drawers in my home :)

  3. I like the look of the hanging ones!

  4. These are all such lovely styling ideas! I do love them standing up, but also having them hang up means super easy access which is always handy whilst cooking + preparing food xx

  5. where do you buy the rail for the hanging ones?

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