Spotlight on Jenny Wolf Interiors

Happy Friday, monkeybars!

Today, a study in serene interiors c/o Jenny Wolf Interiors. I, for one, am massively impressed with how madame designer Wolf is able to use rich patterns, to tie in objects of all different ethnicities (yeah, objects can have those too, guys, don’t discriminate), to provide equal parts masculine and feminine aesthetic, and to still have it all come off swinging soothing.

Humble offering from le portfolio J.W. Interiors:

Still life of tub and rolled towels. The artiste has added just enough decorative touches to make the space feel unique, but not so much as to make it feel like an antiques roadshow platform.

Below: still life of truly lovely faucet; neatly stacked plates evident in backdrop. True or false: if water was pouring forth from said faucet, this would no longer be termed a “still life.”

Jenny W. does open kitchen shelving. The judges give her a “oooohh,” and an “ahhhh.”

We all know I love me some big white chair.

And some vignette. Oh, vignette, be still my beating heart and such.

Cue balanced male and female design aesthetic referenced above. Feminine, delicate, and stupidly pointless details that only girls care about evident? Check! Dark, rich colors, lack of froufiness? Check again! Ding-ding!

Two more vignettes where again, the talented Jenny Wolf has exhibited her knack for seeking out antique pieces while still ensuring the space doesn’t achieve a shit-hole type vibe.

And finally, babe Wolf. A baby could stand to cry a few minutes in a space as unfussy as this. Something’s gotta give.

Are you feeling the soothing waves crash over your over-worked weekday shores? Re-read for extra dose, and delve into the world of Jenny Wolf Interiors for super charge dosage.

Peace outage.



  1. I mean I think this could quite possibly be called interior porn. It’s heavenly!

    Have a fabulous weekend, love :) xoxo

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