Kate Jackson For The Win

You’ve made it to another Friday, and though there still isn’t an award for surviving to see another weekend, I can offer you a small token of recognition in the form of today’s post, a showcase of the designs of a one Kate Jackson.

I’ve heard through the curtain rod that Ms. Jackson is the pride and glory of Rhode Island, but don’t go thinking that’s the case just because it’s such a small state. One (I) might argue that she could take her act on the roads of any one of our fine states and still be hailed queen.

While KJ’s designs are certainly rooted in classic New England style, they are distinctly not that, at least all the way. I’d even go so far as to suggest that lady Jackson practices a purposeful departure from the predictable ways of the east; think New England with a twist on the rocks etc etc, drink up:

Above and below, Kate’s take on the beach home; white, bright, and lots of light. Sign me up and pencil me down.

How ’bout this nugget of a sofa? Drink in the sight of that seat and try telling me you wouldn’t like your ass to be cradled by that for a few hours at a time.

Entryway cubbies for each family member. Oh, stop it, Kate, you’re getting me all worked up over here.

Right off the kitchen, and balancing perfectly on the tightrope of overdone and Scandinavian minimalist: a perfectly charming little sitting area.

Now this, this I love. And even though I’m a person full ‘a words, I’m not sure I can quite say why. There’s new, there’s old, there’s this comfort thing happening, it’s good stuff I tell ya.

Workspace a la Jackson: streamlined but lived-in, ordered but cozy.

Bookshelves, arranged by color; the quill.

Last but not least, Jackson Bo Peep. Even I, a self-professed white addict, have to admit that the strong blue color choice here is working. Just Boy-y enough, but still some more delicate touches evident, because you know, boys need some delicate too in life, remember that.

At press time Kate J’s website had mysteriously vanished into the interwebs, and so I shall instead refer you to her Houzz profile page in its stead.

Try to live simply this weekend guys, geez.


  1. so lovely. i adore houses like this that are just so clean and minimal but so cozy!

  2. Loved reading this!!

    All the best,
    Kate Jackson

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