A Drawer Divided: Modular Units Vs. All-In-One Dividers

Today on Live Simply it’s a stand-off of epic proportions, and to those who care naught about drawers and their divisions, the most negligible debate of all time: modular units vs. all-in-one dividers. To ensure your endorsement of either candidate is an informed one, I shall now flush out these opponent’s multifarious attributes.

Modular Units


– Customization. Its greatest feature going for it. Customize the way in which you arrange them in your drawer, and the actual pod style/shape/size that you use.

– No imposed constraints, i.e. no need to fill a foot-long segment with the only thing you have left to organize: your thumbtacks (see above: customization).

– The thrill of piecing together your own modular puzzle.

– The knowledge that your drawer probably won’t look the same as “everyone” else’s. Poo on them, everyone.


– Since modular-puzzling is an un-evolved talent, many lack the expertise needed to properly arrange singular pods, therefore being left with left over room, therefore causing the units to constantly shift around in the drawer, therefore defeating the purpose of drawer organizers entirely, the purpose of which is to keep shit in place.

– That’s really the big one, though I’m open to entertaining others if you care to rant and lament.

Image credits: IHeart OrganizingThe Container Store, Sur La Table, The Container StoreCupcakes and Cashmere, The Container StoreOrganize.com, The Container Store

All-In-One Organizers


– Takes the guesswork out of arranging segments.

– Fits solidly in your drawer, as long as you’ve had the foresight to measure said drawer to ensure your organizer will fit.

– Can be easily removed and replaced for cleaning.


– Lack of customization (see above, again).

– That’s all on that one, as far as I can see.

Image credits: Backyard Gardener, Brooklyn Limestone, House Beautiful, Real Simple, Organize-It

And now the time has come, the walrus said, to cast your vote; will it be the modular or the all-in-one? What’s your preference, speak!

Note: I am so tired right now, and my weirdness filter is INactive. Enjoy.



  1. Thank you SOOOO much for your comment on my blog post yesterday. Means the world to have all this support from the blogging community. You are the best!

    xx Lynzy

  2. Melissa says:

    Hmm . I think it depends on what is going in the draw. Cutlery suits an all in one whereas stationery for example suits modular set ups.

  3. Modular units get my vote! I saw a tip to use velcro pieces to keep the different compartments in place in the drawer. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds like it might work!

  4. I need you to stop by my apartment and help me organize. You always have the best ideas!

  5. Modular units for the win!

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