Creative Shoe Storage

Welcome to Wednesday, daisies!

Today I give you: the creatively stored shoe. Since many of you devote whole chunks of your paychecks to outfitting the region south of your ankles, accommodating your collection of foot attire can become somewhat of an issue. Lucky for you, the shoe feigns that have come before you have paved the way storage-wise, finding clever ways to utilize every nook and cranny and sometimes whole china cupboards to achieve the utmost feet-accessory capacity. Observe:

Yes, from crown moldings and magazine racks to armoires and bell jars, ladders and lazy Susans, they have really thought of it all. And henceforth you shall lose the privilege of lamenting your lack of shoe storage. Make it work people!

For further ramblings on the subjects of shoes, feel free to peruse “Just Shoe It: Organizing Your Shoe Collection.”

Image credits: Lucky Magazine, Style At Home, Martha Stewart, House to Home, Living in a Nutshell, Sidsel Z via Desire to InspireLucky Magazine, The Coveteur, Elle Decor, Oprah/ Bjorn WallenderLivet Hemma IKEA, Petra Bindel, Living in a NutshellThe Eclectic Life, Loupe Images/ Claire Richardson, Leonard Parker



  1. Love the idea of turning shoes into decor!

  2. Love this idea! Not only will you get to look at all your pretty shoes more, but you’ll also have more free closet space – win win :-)

  3. I love these ideas,especially the ladder! I’ve been thinking about moving my shoes onto shelf (or something similar!) so I can see them better….Now you have me thinking about how I can find a cool ladder! xx

  4. I love the ladder and glass-fronted cabinet ideas! I’ve been looking for an ornate birdcage
    to display a pair of my most loved heels in for ages but I’m unfortunately not having any luck. My organizational tic is getting worse!

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