Live Simply All-Star: Cleaning Wipes

Today, little foxes, the subject at hand is one most near and dear to my heart, and before you try to guess, no, it isn’t Trader Joes or the color white or seltzer water. It’s cleaning wipes.

Lest you think that I have seriously hit a roadblock in postulating posting topics, I shall herein attempt to articulate why cleaning wipes are in fact the furthest thing from blogging fodder, and much more like first-class passengers on the Live Simply express.

Many have argued that two-in-one products are the way of the future, or at least, the bee’s knees, and while I cannot comment on that BB cream (which I guess technically speaking is really more like a 7-in-1 product or something who cares), I can readily get behind their claim in the cleaning aisle.

Let’s compare the opponents:

Standing in one corner of the ring you have your time-honored roll of paper towel and arsenal of spray or spout or gloop cleaning products. This method is effective, albeit more involved: spray, spray, spray, unroll, unroll, unroll, rip, wipe, wipe, wipe, repeat.

And now to the champion, weighing in at just… whatever a cleaning wipe weighs, the mix-master, his speciality move being a hybrid attack of towel and cleanser: The Great Wipe.

Okay, so what in the hell am I really saying here?

Cleaning wipes make the job way easier. I, for one, am far more apt to (frequently) reach for a wipe to do a little countertop touch up than I am to go to the kitchen, get some paper towel, grab the spray bottle, and clean that way.

If you haven’t introduced cleaning wipes into your life, it is high time you did so. With so many brands making them now, from the all-natural lands of J.R. Watkins and Seventh Generation, to the classic shores of Clorox, you’re sure to find one that fits your lifestyle. I swear your world will tilt just slightly towards the direction of paradise, or like, your house will be probably look a little cleaner. {note: research seems to suggest that to maximize bacteria removal you should avoid using one wipe on multiple surfaces. Switch wipe when you switch surfaces if you’re focused on the germs.}

I have been loyally repurchasing the Clorox and Lysol (they seem interchangeable to me) Disinfecting Wipes for many years now, and they have yet to disappoint. [Except for the green kind which smell absolutely wretched. Stick to the yellow if you know what’s good for you.]

I have also heard tell that other stand-outs in the cleaning wipe category include Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Surface Wipes (biodegradable and chemical free), Scott’s Liquid Gold Dust n’ Go Wipes, Blue Magic Glass Wipes, Method Tub-n-Tile Flushable Bathroom Wipes, and Pledge Multi-Surface Wipes.

If any of you have test driven the aforementioned wipes, please do chime in and share your thoughts.

In closing: I sometimes (often) watch youtube videos by beauty bloggers who inevitably must answer the question, “If you were stranded on a deserted island, which one makeup product would you want with you?” You better believe that in the cleaning version of that scenario, I would be answering wipes every time, that my days spent as a cast-away would consist of me scrubbing at the sandy beaches with my trusty Lysol wipes, but man would that island shine!



  1. I am right there with you on the Clorox wipes. The pledge wipes are good however I prefer using regular pledge and the little swiffer handle with removable heads. Say noooooo to glass wipes if you are even mildly particular. They leave little dots or particles on the mirror and it drives me nuts. It just doesn’t look as clean.

  2. There is nothing better than cleaning wipes (or even baby wipes!) to clean skirting boards.

  3. I like the Clorox wipes too. I keep them under the sink in our powder room so I can wipe things down 2 minutes before dinner guests arrive!!! They would only be more perfect if they didn’t streak the mirror! Might need to try that glass version.

  4. You make this subject very entertaining Annie :) I’m a sucker for any cleaning products with pretty packaging, so the Mrs Meyers version gtt my vote. We have different brands here in oz that do a similar thing + I agree they make the job of cleaning so much easier. My favourite discovery is actually window cleaning wipes – they are seriously awesome xx

  5. I’ve been using Pledge wipes on my bikes, actually. And all the other products are all over the house now… My wife is fond of cleaning wipes. She actually makes some by herself. Cleaning wipes are the best cleaning tool we should really use. There are also reusable ones… definitely much efficient and cheaper! ;)

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