Whip It Into Shape with Me and Audrey

Today’s Whip It into Shape was pioneered by yours truly (see previously Whipped projects by Franki Durbin here and With Love From, Kat here).

Backstory: As a session was winding down with a particular client, her daughter happened to wander in, take a passing interest in the work, and offhandedly mention the “really bad” state of her closet. “Really bad?” She might as well have told me she had a hidden stockpile of rare gems in her ‘tween closet. Before you could say “Justin Bieber,” I grabbed her arm and forced her to lead me to the promised land.

With just 45 minuto on the old clock, Audrey and I began whipping. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding (iPhone pictures, apologies, apologies).

As you can see, what Audrey had here was a lack of Living Simply. Of course we’ve gotta give the girl credit- what she lacked in organizational skills she more than made up for with her decoupaged door of teen idols.

The first thing we did was the obligatory clear-out– removing every article of clothing and sparkly sandal. Audrey tried on items she was unsure about while I manically sorted the clothing by style and color, hung them in the same direction on hangers, and then replaced them in the closet.

We dumped out every basket, bag, and hamper, and paired up shoes with their long lost mates (with the exception of the three or so shoes whose mates had mysteriously vanished). We shifted her hanging shoe organizer to the side wall of the closet so as not to sacrifice precious bar space, and consolidated all of her dance class necessities into a large green tote bag that she could easily grab and go.

We also sorted all the miscellaneous knitting and craft supplies that had been floundering at the depths of her closet, hair accessories, and other girlie things.

Audrey’s only request during the whirlwind whip it 45 minutes was to be able to “actually use her hamper for dirty clothes,” which I thought was not an altogether unreasonable desire. So we dumped it out, uncovered a whole lot of trash, and a few shoes that she rarely wears.

Then we utilized the handy wicker baskets she had, filling one with those lesser-worn shoes, one with her craft supplies, and one with her hair paraphernalia. Et voila! 


  1. Very nice. Sometimes all it takes is a new person to look at something to encourage the work to get done. I’ll invite a cleaning buddy over- someone unbiased to help me get through it. And I always set a time limit.

  2. Seriously what a difference. Looks so well organized!

  3. It looks SOOO much better! I so need you to come pay me a visit. I probably even have some old Duran Duran and Smiths posters in my closet from back in the day :) xoxo

  4. Wow, what a difference you made Annie! I have to say, I LOVE using baskets to keep organised- they look good + they can store things that are hard to place neatly otherwise. Great job! xx

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