Toolbox Necessities (If You Please)

Every home should, in my humble opinion, be equipped with a tool kit. Whether or not you actually know what in the hell to do with those tools is rather outside my realm of jurisdiction, but perhaps you should see someone about that.

I find myself reaching for various tools quite often, and not just for the occasional home improvement project. How else but with a wrench am I to open that vacuum-sealed jar that, despite several fervent bangings against the edge of the counter, a rubber grip, and my own ripped muscles, simply won’t give? How, other than a pair of pliers, am I to salvage a single and striking bead from a pair of otherwise heinous earrings?

You see, my plums, one needs a tool kit at his or her disposal!

So, onto the ingredients of a solid one:

Opt to buy a toolbox complete with all these essentials, or assemble your own. Then go drill some holes just for the sheer thrill of it. But then you’ll need some spackle. And one of those scraper-dealies. And some sandpaper. And paint. So actually don’t do that at all. K, thanks for reading, bye!

Toolbox || Hammer || Screw Drivers || Tape measure || Pliers || Wrench || Utility Knife || Level || Stud Finder || Hand Saw || Drill



  1. lorra rudman says:

    after all these years…thinking of adding a chainsaw.

  2. I am so with you! We were lucky to have inherited J’s dad’s which is filled to the brim with everything I’ve ever needed. I don’t think I’ve had to go to a hardware store in like 10 years :)

    Oh and so funny about the underwear! They’re adorable :) xoxo

  3. LOL Absolutely loved this post and you’re so right!!
    Robyn :)

  4. You know I’ve been thinking the same thing for a while now and this post has spurred me into action! Never again will a jar evade me…

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