The Ode To The Big White Chair Continues…

Happy Friday top hats!

Today’s post was inspired by fellow blogger Casie Mace‘s ode to her white chair. I understood her feelings of love and affection for the item of furniture in question because I happen to own the very same white chair. Or rather, my sister owns it, and I have been granted the great privilege of using it in her stead. Fine print aside, I do believe everyone should have access to a big comfy chair. Activities with-on include but are not limited to: reading, writing, napping, phone gabbing, gazing dreamily out the window, tea (coffee) drinking, and a whole bevy of the other wonderful things in life.

Image credits: BHG, A Rosy Note, House Beautiful, unknown, Vartnya Hem, decorology, Julia Hoersch, unknown, Chris Barrett Design, El Mueble, James Michael Howard, IKEA



  1. I’ve been on the search for one actually! Thanks for showing me all of these, Annie. Have a great weekend :) xoxo

  2. Ahhh, if only a big white chair were practical for me! I know they say to buy a slipcovered chair so you can bleach it, but in my house, I’d be washing it every day! :) They are beautiful though1

  3. I’m just obsessed with white furniture, period. A white chair is definitely a must have! The 4th photo has been on the tippy top of my favorites list for such a long time, but all of these spaces look so inviting and relaxing!

  4. Gorgeous images – they all look so inviting & comfortable – makes me want to leave the office & go home & sit in a chair with a good book & a cup of coffee!


  1. […] We all know I love me some big white chair. […]

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