The Mane Attraction: Storing Hair Styling Tools

We bitties love us some hair styling tools.

I, personally, have been in a loving and committed relationship with my hair dryer since I was old enough to hold one on my own. That’s about the extent of my hair tools repertoire, but I am well aware that many of you have quite the large and expansive library of lock-enhancing devices: curlers and straighteners and conical wands and oh, you kids today.

All those tongs and rods and and barrels and hair-els- and let’s not forget their cords- can be a bit of a nuisance to store. You can end up in a tussle each time you want to treat your tresses to a little style session.

Here, then, some suggestions on how to keep those magical instruments neat:

One of my favorite methods is to go the way of the basket or bin. Though things can get a bit crowded if you’re not careful, baskets can also be a very easy way to keep hair tools all together.

If you’re limited on shelf or under the sink space, then adding a cabinet door accessory may be just the thing. You can purchase speciality door caddies, which will have built-in compartments for your various hair paraphernalia.

In a similar vein, but perhaps a bit less fussy– simply suspend your gadgets from plain-old hooks screwed into a cabinet door:

You can also choose to hang a specialized hair tool organizer elsewhere in the bath, such as on the side of a vanity/counter, over a towel rack. or mounted directly to the wall. These hanging holsters can be found in a variety of styles.

Here’s another seriously cool idea– this deep drawer has been outfitted with custom-fit stainless steel canisters, which not only keep the tools contained, but allows them to safely cool down after use inside the drawer.

If you’re in a seriously dependent relationship with your hair tools and can’t breathe sufficiently when they’re beyond arm’s reach, you may wish to keep them out on the counter. In that case, I suggest a acquiring a handy counter organizer like the one seen below:

Or, just put your large-mouthed vase or ice bucket on the case:

If you don’t want to, or for whatever reason just can’t manage to add any of these holders, then be doubly sure to keep your shit neat. That means that when you’re finished using any tool you need to dutifully wind back up any and all cords. Cords can be the main clutter culprit with these types of things. Simply wrapping cords up, rather than leaving them in a large-and-extremely-annoying- to-deal-with-for-all-involved-tangle can go a long way.

Image credits: BHG, BHGReal Simple, Sure-Loc Hair Styling Center, Martha Stewart, unknown, Style Station by Polder, Wall Mount Hair Dryer Holder, BHG, PBTeenThat Wife



  1. You must have read my mind before writing this post! I’ve been trying to find a simple and convenient way to store all my curling irons and hair dryers and these are great ideas!

  2. I have a few curling irons and a straightener but rarely use them so they’re stored away in my linen closet. My hairdryer I never go a day without though so it’s on my floor in my bedroom. So bad, I know! I’d love to have the drawer with the silver canisters. Brilliant :) xoxo

  3. In re: the last picture – ladies, please do not leave your hair dryer plugged in all day why you aren’t’ using it! Any appliance that is plugged in sucks electricity, even when its not on and a blow dryer is one of the worst perpetrators!

  4. Haha you made me laugh; I’m in a loving + committed relationship with my hairdryer too! I love that cute little counter organiser + animal print accessories too! xx

  5. Love this! Mine are currently all residing in a jumbled mess in a drawer. Time to organize!

  6. You are too good! I’m not such a fan of ‘seeing’ these tools in the bathroom… maybe because I have a few! I usually wind them up neatly and just place on a shelf… but the hooks in the door / door caddy ideas are fab – and will give me more shelf space! Thanks :)
    coco from australia

  7. The hair tool holder in the unknown picture (the silver and black holder on the towel rack) I have seen at the container store and bed bath and beyond if anyone was wondering where they could buy it.

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