The Request Lines Are Open!

Happy weekend mojitos!

I hope you’re enjoying your precious days of freedom.

This little post is simply meant to serve as an invitation–

Sometimes I like to play bossypants and pick the topic du jour. But most of the time I care about addressing what’s ailing you. If ever there are specific topics you’d like for me to cover, you need only let me know. You can leave a comment to this post if you have some burning questions currently, and you can always feel free to pass those ponderings along to me. I may not post on the subject immediately, but I will certainly try my utmost to make those issues a priority.

And yes, that is me pictured above, answering the Live Simply request line (don’t question things, geez!).

Image credits: MiesEnScene, Pamela Hanson



  1. How about how best to organize gift wrap, bags, tissue, scissors, tape, boxes etc…hopefully, by keeping it simple. How about how best to organize business cards that seem to pile up…thank you for requesting ideas:) I like your blog a whole lot.

    • Thank you so much for the comment Deb!! I have just been thinking about business cards. Will definitely keep these ideas in mind :)

  2. I thought of another something that needs tackling at my home…how to best store seasonal wreaths and whatnot. Easter, Halloween, patriotic, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines…I need an entire closet in a room and that is just not going to happen. Can you please help?

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