Live Simply All-Star: Emergency Kits by Ms. & Mrs.

My dearest sissy gifted me with a Shemergency kit quite a while ago. Whilst packing for a cross-country jaunt recently, I decided it was high time to put it to the test. Bonjour, best decision ever!

Let me get you up to speed. The Shemergency kit is the brainchild of the company Ms. & Mrs. The owners are two sisters (the Ms.’) and one mama (the Mrs.). Though they all have separate career pursuits, they channeled their talents to create kits for just about every modern emergency.

Now back to me. Away from home, without my bevy of beauty necessities, I was beside myself (not really but stay with me). I had painted my nails pre-flight, and naturally, upon landing, they had already begun to chip.

“If only I had brought some nail polish remover!” I thought to myself. But wait! Hark! Do you hear the siren call of the Shemergency? One nail polish remover pad at your service, please and thank you. Handled. Next.

The days go by and those same nails start to get a bit scraggly. “A nail file would really fit the bill right about now.” Hold up! She’s got me! two mini nail files, kaboom!

And on and on. In total, the Shemergency kit contains 25 (25!) must-haves: Folding Hair Brush with Mirror, Hair Spray, Clear Elastics, Earring Backs, Hand Lotion, Nail Clipper, Emery Board, Clear Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, Mending Kit, Safety Pin, Double-Sided Tape, Lint Remover, Shoe Shine Towelettes, Stain Remover, Static Remover, Breath Freshener, Lip Balm, Dental Floss, Pain Reliever, Deodorant Towelettes, Tampon, Adhesive Bandages, Facial Tissues, and Blotting Tissues.

If you want a slightly more condensed, even more delightfully pocket-sized version, opt for the minimergency kit. Though it fits in the palm of your hand, it contains no less than 16 essentials.

But wait! There’s more! Because the Ms.’ & Mrs. don’t just make kits for she (me). They also have a kit for moms, which includes towelettes, thermometer, mini crayon set, and mini playing cards, among other things, a labor and delivery kit, and a working girls survival kit.

But now I’m about to blow your mind: these ladies also make kits for the boys! Enter: Hemergency kit.

Hello, Hair Comb, Dental Floss, Breath Freshener, Lip Balm, Deodorant Wipes, Nail Clipper, Mending Kit, Safety Pin, Extra Buttons, Lint Remover, Static Remover, Shoe Shine Towelettes, Stain Remover, Wrinkle Remover, Pain Reliever, Adhesive Bandages, Facial Tissues, Razor, Shaving Cream, Styptic Pencil, Toothpaste, and Toothbrush. Also available in mini form:

For those of you with wedding fever Ms. & Mrs. has got you covered; kits for brides, groomsbridesmaids, groomsmen.

And for those little ingenues ivy-bound: a college survival kit and a dorm survival kit.

Now I guess in all fairness you could assemble said kit yourself. But the truth is that you’ve had around your whole life to do so and probably haven’t. And also, why would you when these exist?

Give them as gifts, buy one for yourself.





And I’m a vegetarian.

*No compensation was received for this post. The admiration is genuine, ladies and gentleman.



  1. Cute and a def must have!

  2. They sound like a must have! I’m obsessed with emergency kits. I’m actually working on putting some together for a client at work :) xoxo

  3. These are so great! I love all of the colour variations they come in too. Would be great to keep in your car or bag in case of emergency. Such a great idea! xx

  4. Wow these are cute gift ideas too!

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