R.F.R.O.E. (Resources For Recycling Old Electronics, duh.)

Today’s post may not necessarily be beautiful to look at (sans lovely pictures and all) but I do hope it will be helpful.

One category of stuff that invariably surfaces during organizing sessions with clients are old electronics. And the question arises “What do I do with them?” Well, marshmallows, question officially answered:

Best Buy || Amazon || Target || RadioShack

Freecycle || Goodwill w/ Dell Reconnect || Salvation Army || National Cristina Foundation

Earth 911 || Electronics TakeBack Coalition || e-Stewards || E-Cycling Central

Of course there are countless other companies and organizations from which to choose, but like, I couldn’t include them all. So I picked my favorites (and might I venture to say the “best?”)

I sincerely hope that you use the knowledge contained within these here charts to finally export that printer that’s been broken and collecting dust in your basement for the past four years.

Happy Tuesday, weeeee!!!



  1. What useful info! I so need to do this! I have a drawer full of old electronics and quite a bit of a closet full too. Yikes :) xoxo

  2. Wow great tips! I know some of my older electronics I don’t want to toss, so these are good ideas.

  3. Reblogged this on Real Penny Wi$e and commented:
    This is a handy resource; thanks livesimplybyannie!

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