The In-Box: Methods for Organizing the Mail

Even in our highly advanced technological world, the mail continues to arrive at our doorsteps. After all, neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night will stop those carriers from delivering. Without a system to control and corral it, mail can easily become lost in the shuffle. Having a place designated just for the post will ensure that each note reaches its intended recipient.

Anything with slots will make an excellent mail holder. This includes a pot lid rack, a napkin holder, or a vintage toast rack. 

If you’re a pile-r rather than a filer, you might try a flat tray as a way to keep track of your mail.

A nice large basket can also work well for mail sorting. Keep it out in a prominent place and every member of the household will know just where to look for their letters.

This last idea is a great one for very large and busy households: each family member gets his or her own mail slot. Whoever fetches the mail from the box can easily deliver to the correct person, and everyone is responsible for checking their own slot.

Use one of these options in a way that works for you. You may wish to have an outgoing slot as well as an incoming, to keep stamps in one slot and spare envelopes in another, etc. Whatever it is, systematize that stuff.

You’ve got mail is right!

Image credits: Martha Stewart, Lonny Magazine, BHGBHG, Creative Organizing, Martha Stewart



  1. I LOVE the tray idea. I just want to stop getting mail altogether. is that possible? :-). No wait, I want checks in the mail. And that’s it. Oh and awesome coupons. Everything else? Meh.

  2. Such great ideas! Mail just drives me nuts. I have to declutter and have a major shredding session. I think I probably need an entire weekend and a brand new shredder to take on the task though. Sounds like a fall project and then I can start over brand new with one of these pretty options.

  3. Such great ideas! I know a lot of people who need this! I sort through the mail the first thing I get home!

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