Down Under: Organizing Under The Kitchen Sink

Hi noodles! Today we’re dealing with the land down under– under the kitchen sink that is.

The area under the kitchen sink can often become the place where cleaning products go to die their sad, crusty deaths. Understandably, this spot may not be at the top of the priority list in terms of organization; it’s inconvenient, usually obstructed with various pipes and what have you, and it’s dark, maybe dank, and a little scary down there. If you don’t pay it some attention, it’s bound to become disastrous. Here’s how to take back the UTS:

1. Begin by removing everything.

2. Throw out any products that look super old, smell really funky, or that you no longer use.

3. Separate everyday cleansers from occasional products (windex vs. drain de-cloggers).

4. If you have room elsewhere, move those less frequently used products to another location, like a storage closet. The idea is to streamline the products stored under the sink, keeping only what you need within arm’s reach down yonder.

5. Clean the bottom of the cabinet thoroughly, making sure to remove caked on messes.

6. Evaluate your UTS space, your budget, take measurements, etc. Then choose one of the following organizational solutions:

Cleaning caddy

A cleaning caddy allows you to pull out all the supplies you’ll need in one go, and you can transport those things with ease to other areas of your home. When replaced under the sink, all your supplies stay neat.

Sliding cabinet shelves 

Always a great storage solution for any deep space, using sliding shelves provides you with instant and easy access to all your supplies.

The Susan, Lazy

UTS is a perfect place for a lazy susan. Bend down, spin away and easily select and remove the cleaning product of your choosing.

The Bar Method

Here’s another genius solution from the Martha crew: install a heavy-duty tension rod or curtain rod under your sink, hang your bottles by their spray triggers, and tad-ah! Easy access to products, and additional room freed up below.

Door Prize

Finally, don’t forget to utilize the cabinet doors. Try installing a couple hooks to hang your gloves and dish towel, as seen below:

Now get to it! Clean it out, wipe it down, clear it out—streamlining is the order of the day.

Image credits: Not on the HighstreetReal Simple, BHG, BHG, Real Simple x2, Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart



  1. Oh these are all dreamy, aren’t they? Such a difference than my hot mess of a reality in the city. However the one at the beach house is quite nice and organized {patting myself on back :)} xoxo

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