Monday’s Meditation: On Holding On, Letting Go

Growing up, my parents managed to create such a safe and seamless environment between home and school that I may have been the only person to expect that things in life were permanent. My first moments of transition were no less than severely traumatizing, and later times of change caused a good helping of anxiety, to say the least.

As I have grown older, I’ve begun to catch on to this whole “ebb and flow” thing that life has going on. As one phase morphs into another, high school became college, and beyond, I’ve become increasingly familiar with the inevitable impermanence of all things.

The trick, of course, comes in knowing when to hang on, when to refuse to loosen your grasp on situations or people, and when to nod in obedience to the universe, and slowly, with some sadness, release your hold.

It is a balance that I am still struggling to master. And it is one that, once achieved, allows you to live most happily; enjoying what you have now, acknowledging that it may not last forever, accepting when it’s time to let go, and being perpetually open to receiving the new.

Here’s to a week of working to strike that balance-

– Annie



  1. Ah this is so true. I’ve actually had a lot of change over the course of my life. A lot of letting go but I was lucky to have a rock there with me all the way that I’ve always held onto no matter what was happening.

    Hope you’re having a lovely Monday! xoxo

    • I so feel you on this, Dawn. It is important to have SOME constants throughout your life, and most often, those are the really wonderful people who stick by our sides through it all. :)

  2. Thanks for the lovely post, Annie! I was literally just thinking about the lack of permanence in life and getting slightly sad about it on my drive to work this morning. This one definitely hit home at the right moment! Thanks a bunch!

  3. Annie, this is so true.
    Its hard for me to let go of things sometimes, whether it be people, phases of life, or things that I have grown out of. Its beautiful to notice all the layers though that make up your life and see how they got you to where you are.
    Happy week to you!

    • Anna- thanks for this comment. I love your way of seeing these things as different “layers.” That interpretation allows you to see things as building upon each other, rather than simply ending and starting.

  4. Beautiful post Annie; this really made me reflect on ‘the ebbs + flows’ of life; it truly is about knowing when to hang on and when to let go. I loved Anna’s comment about noticing all of the layers that make up your life; I often look back and wonder where I’d be if I made a different decision, but I’m also more than excited about the future xx

    • It really is about knowing when!! Sometimes, unfortunately, we don’t realize we should have acted one way or another until after the fact. But hopefully, by making ourselves more aware of being in balance in this respect, we can hope to achieve it in the present moment. And I agree, I also loved Anna’s comment about layers.

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