Racking Up Points In The Laundry Room (Options For Hang-Drying Delicates)

It is this laundress’ opinion that no living space should be without a drying rack. Dryers are scary for lots of your clothes, little pistachios. You can save your garments from a world of ware, tear, shrinkage, and pillage if you hang them up to dry, rather than subject them to the harsh cycles of the dryer.

The good news is that in our ever-varied metropolises, there are a multitude of different drying racks from which to choose. Here, then, are just a few:


You can stand these up, or mount them on a wall (pretty snazzy idea, if you ask me).


Fold the racks out when you have wet clothes to hang, and close them back up when you’re through. This, allegedly, is a DIY-able project.

Flat rack

These are terrific for knitwear in particular, as they ensure that your sweaters won’t suffer even the slightest bit of stretching.

Hanging bar

A clothes rack and some hangers will also fit the air-drying bill. Use the rack in your laundry room if you have one, and if you don’t, using part of the bar in your closet will work just as well. Make sure that wet clothes aren’t hanging close enough to dry garments to pass on their moisture.

Clothes Valet

I like to call this one the “small space no excuse” option. Tack this up on your wall, and you’ve got a no-fail air drying system that doesn’t sacrifice any of your precious space. Fold it down when not in use and you’ll hardly notice this little guy; extend it out for an at-your-service rack.

Image credits: HSNBHG, Rabaut Design, Centsational Girl, Martha Stewart, Container Store, Kelly Deck Design, Organize.com, BHG



  1. LOOOOVE the look of a cottage rack. Love it!

  2. I so wish I had a laundry room. Unfortunately it’s down in the basement of my apartment building. But often my home looks like a laundromat with all the clothes drying all over the place :) I love my accordion stands. I actually have 2 because I don’t like drying my clothes in a dryer. xoxo

  3. I always use a rack to dry my clothes + refrain from using the dryer – so much nicer on your clothes! I do love the ones that fold up neatly + take up no room, especially being in a teeny apartment! These laundry rooms are all so stylish, I’m taking notes… xx

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