Nightstand Necessities

Most of you, my cupcakes, keep far too much stuff on or in your nightstand. To help remedy that, today we’re going to review the nightstand necessities.

Before we do though, I want to make one key point:

In order to have an organized nightstand, it’s important that you choose one whose physical structure supports your nightly behaviors; Do you do work in bed? Do you take off your jewelry right before shutting your peepers? Are you busy crocheting little baby bonnets before you drift off to dreamland? Determine your nightly habits, and then ensure that your table of choice meshes well with them.

Now onto my suggested nightstand accouterments:

– Lamp

– Clock

– Water glass

– Tray or dish (for holding little things like jewelry, hand cream, chap-stick, etc)

– One decorative element (such as flowers + vase, photograph, etc)

Comme si:

– A place for books (optional; for bedtime readers)

As per the usual, drawer dividers can work wonders for a nightstand:

Now be off with you! Go streamline those stands!

Image credits: Phillips Deveer InteriorsCentsational Girl, Armonia Decors, Rue, Creators of Desire, Erin Hiemstra, Glitter Guide, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Martha Stewart, Real Simple



  1. Oooh yes, the nightstand with book storage is calling my name!!!

  2. I love the white color palettes! I’m moving into a new apartment at the end of summer and will definitely keep these pretty nightstand vignettes in mind!

    Cheers, Elizabeth @ The Corner Apartment

  3. Drawer dividers are my best friend, I use them in most of my drawers + they are seriously such a great way to keep things organised. Love all of these nightstands, especially 4+6 – so simple yet incredibly chic! xx

  4. I’ve really got to streamline my bedside table. This pics are beautiful inspiration! :)

    Life Etc

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