Light Me Up

In my mind, sunshine is just about the best medicine there is. Next to actually enjoying it out of doors are spaces that seem to beckon and direct the rays right inside. I can feel myself function so much better in spaces filled with natural light, and I’m guessing I’m not the only one. Here, some rooms bursting with light that have caught my eye lately:

Let there be light, indeed? Yes, indeed.

P.S. It’s the last day to enter the drawerdecor giveaway! Get after it!

Image credits: Style at Home, Simple Style, Style at Home, Country Living, House Beautiful, Style at HomeStyle at Home, Style at Home, The White Company, Soli Terry Architects x2 

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  1. God I love natural light. Opening the blinds to let in sunlight makes me smile! Beautiful rooms, especially the bedrooms. Makes you want to wake up feeling like Akeem from Coming to America. Now if someone would just bring me breakfast and brush my teeth for me, all will be well :-)!

  2. Dawn (The Alternative Wife) says:

    So gorgeous! There’s nothing better than natural light. In my living room redesign I’m looking to maximize the light as much as possible. Have a great weekend! xoxo

  3. Rooms bathed in natural light always make me so happy! These are all gorgeous! Hope you’re having a fab weekend xx

  4. Me too – my house is bathed with lots of light – love all these pretty bright images


  5. Your site is really amazing!

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