Live Simply All-Star: 360 Electrical Powercurve Mobile Surge Protector

Okay, so full disclosure: unlike all the other all-star picks which have been tried and tested by yours truly, I have not actually used today’s feature. There, so now I said it and there are no secrets between us. However, when I discovered it online, I was so convinced of its Live Simply All-Star-edness, that I just had to share it with all of you.

Alright, melons, here it is, the 360 Electrical Powercurve Mobile Surge Protector:

Now I know you’re thinking, “Well Annie, that looks like a surge protector like any other.” To which I would respond “Oh ho, but this is a surge protector like no other!” Allow me to break this surge-tastic little devil down for you.

1. Let’s talk about the two AC outlets which rotate 360°. Hello answer to all those clunky plugs that usually obstruct an additional three outlets other than the one they’re actually plugged into! Simply swivel the outlets to masterfully situate two giant clunkers with ease. Boom. Onward.

2. Let’s go ahead and address the two glorious USB sockets. Hi there charged iPhone/ iPad/ iPod/ Smartphones/ E-readers! Wam, bam. Want more, you say?

3. Warm yourself to the sexy glow of the two lights on this gizmo- one to tell you if your device is grounded, and another that ensures you that your surge protector is, in fact, protecting.

But we’re not done yet. Oh, no.

4. Let’s discuss the fact that this bad boy is also a mobile pro. Its fold and travel plug makes it a travel pro. Fold in plug, stow, and go. Hi-yah!

5. We’d have to also touch on the fact that the design is a perfectly suitable dock for your iPhone as it charges. Lay that baby right on top. Yup. You can.

Want more?

– 918 Joules of advanced surge protection

– $100,000 connected equipment warranty

And all for just around $20.00? I mean, come on. I’m sold.

You can pick up the Powercurve Mobile at all Staples stores, select Lowes and Sam’s Clubs, and, beginning next month, from Home Depot as part of a special promotion.

Use it at home to plug in your hair dryer, your curling iron and your iPhone all at once, and then smile at your own cunning genius in deciding to buy such a multi-tasking knockout. Or use it at the airport to charge your computer, your phone, and your everything else all at once, and to make everyone else around incredibly jealous of your juiced-up status.

The perfect answer to our entirely over-electronicized lives? Yes it is!

Yeah, that’s right, I said electronicized. Whachyu gonna bout it?

Annie out.



  1. I like how you call us melons. lol! This is a neat product, and I like that it’s away from the floor. Means I can vacuum and not worry about sucking up wires and what not!

  2. This is brilliant! Thank you for sharing it!
    ….I had trouble with the link (& logging in, either w/email or by Twitter, to comment) but found this lovely gadget at Amazon:

    • Oops, thanks so much for letting me know the link didn’t work! All fixed now, but yes, Amazon would be a perfect place to purchase.

      • My log in troubles quickly went away when I switched browsers (Safari to Firefox) and I didn’t try the link in a different browser so maybe that was my bad too. Thanks again for sharing this cute & helpful device!

  3. Dawn (The Alternative Wife) says:

    Too amazing for words!!! Seriously could be a life changer! :) xoxo

  4. You had me at alright melons.


  1. […] A couple weeks ago, I awarded the Powercurve Mobile Surge Protector by 360 Electrical LS All-Star status. And I did so before actually testing the product out myself. And I apologize for that. I can now […]

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