Two Storage Options For Organizing Your Belt Collection

Listen my little lollipops, belts are your friend. They hold your pants up for you. They prevent everyone in your office from seeing your leopard thong. Or your granny panties. Or your bathing suit bottoms because you haven’t done the wash in three weeks. They’re even just a downright fantastic way to accessorize your outfit, add a burst of color. They help you communicate that you aren’t as fat as your huge, flowy dress might suggest, because, here- loop, circle, buckle- is my waist! See that?!

Given the many ways that your belts serve you, don’t you think it’s only fair you show them a little love in return? Well, I do. And so today, I present to you two ways to organize them.

The first option for belt storage is something I like to call “The Roll and Stow.” Get ready cause this one’s complicated.

First, roll your belt up just like a little fruit roll-up.

After the roll, then comes the stow. Place your belt roll-up in a drawer or deep tray. If you feel you can keep a bunch of belts neat on your own, then simply place them side-by-side.


If you desire/require some additional help keeping things neat, then the ever-powerful drawer divider is your best bet. Use the sections to separate your rolled belts.

The second option for storing belts is to hang them. Again, pay attention, because this one is super-complex. Use either a belt hanger (a hanger with small hooks) or simply wall hooks and then, you hang them. whoa. That too much for you?

I recommend limiting the number of belts hung on each hook. If you’ve got five belts to a hook, it can make getting to just the one you want rather annoying. So if you’ve got yourself a whole lot of belts, and you want to go with storage option 2, then be sure to get yourself a whole lot of hooks, as well.

Can you say…beltacular?? Umm, like, yeah!

Image credits: J CrewMoth Design, The CoveteurMartha StewartAll Tidied Up, BHG, Martha Stewart, Decorology, Lulabroad



  1. Love the idea of putting them in a drawer. Right now I have them on hooks on my closet door but they always fall off. I also need help with my scarves which are a disaster right now. The keep falling and it’s driving me nuts! :) xoxo

  2. Any tip that allows me to keep stuff enclosed works for me, so I like the drawer idea!

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