Monday’s Meditation: On Blessings

Now on the one hand, I’m aware that today’s meditation has the potential to come across as rather corny. But on the other, it doesn’t. So just go with me here.

I have never really been one to throw this phrase around, and it is only as of late that it has truly entered my regular lexicon. These days, whenever I feel myself sinking into the quicksand that is negative thought, I literally say to myself, either aloud or in my own head, “You are blessed. Life is good.” And for some reason, it really seems to do the trick. Repeating those words to myself has the power to dispel the negativity that would take me down; they pull me right back up. They give me a sense of calm.

I don’t mean this strictly in the religious sense, although if you do that’s perfectly fine, but more as in a general, realistic state of life sense. At any given moment, there are numerous amounts of struggle and hardship in my life. And, just as true, are the undeniable presence of the many blessings in my life.

I would love to hear what phrase or reminder you use to “pull you back up” in moments when you feeling yourself heading down towards negative town.

Maybe this phrase will do the trick for you, as it’s been doing for me, or maybe your solace will come through a different utterance. Whatever it is, make sure to whip it out this week whenever things get rough.

– little Annie

Image credit: John Freeman



  1. Oh my goodness. I was JUST thinking about this yesterday. Amidst all of life’s ups and downs, thinking and focusing on your blessings sure does transform your mind. I told myself that yesterday and my heart literally fluttered with gratitude! I’ve also taken Oprah’s advice and have started writing down things that I am grateful for. It has helped me focus on what’s great, and it moves me to really think about all the good in my life. Thanks for this morning meditation!

  2. So true Annie; whenever I find myself cursing a situation that hasn’t turned out as planned or facing tough challenges, I always find that counting my blessings makes me feel so much better and feel that things are not nearly as bad as I thought xx

  3. My favorite is “this moment is not the rest of my life”. I also make a list of positive things to counteract fearful or down moments.

    • YES!!! That is such a great one!! I always remind myself and others of this fact. Any moment is just that– a moment. Which will pass. Thanks for commenting!

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