The Breakfast Nook

Somewhere along the way I have developed a pretty serious crush on The Breakfast Nook. It must be because the morning (I didn’t say early morning) is really my favorite time of the day. With the sun shining, a bowl of hot oatmeal, a cup of coffee, and something to read, the feeling of overwhelming possibility abounds. Add in one of these delightful little nooks, and you’ve just blasted off the breakfast radar and headed into complete contentment.


Image credits: El MuebleApartment Therapy, Maison & Demeure, Rachel Ashwell, bhg, Stanley Coastal Living, Smith River Kitchens, El Meuble x2, One Kings Lane, Country Living, Lonny Mag, Country Living



  1. I have an affinity for the morning-time and a breakfast nook too…… love your photos!

  2. They are all so cozy and yes, morning sun and breakfast rooms are the best!! Have always wanted a banquette and the third image is perfections ~

  3. Lots of pretty inspiration here. I look forward to popping by soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  4. Ah-mazing! I can’t imagine a better place to start the day than one of these beautiful sun-soaked nooks!

  5. Love all of these!

  6. Beautiful photos! I love the breakfast nooks but simple can’t accomodate one since we have a fireplace instead of beautiful sunny windows. Im considering removing my island to have an eat-in kitchen and make my dining area more of a seating area in front of the fireplace. But really, I’ve never seen anything like that in Florida and wont even know how to eat so close to the stove, sink and fridge. Any suggestions?

    • If I followed what you were describing, and I’d like to think I did, then it sounds like your plan is the perfect solution. Whether it’s been done or not in Florida is unimportant, all that matters is that it works for your home. I love the idea of using the fireplace area as more of a seating/lounge area, and making the island spot into an eat-in kitchen. What about a compromise on the latter part though– what about keeping the island, and getting so high bar stools. I find that if you have that set up, it feels like a very natural gathering spot for people, and it might feel less odd than having a real table and chairs there. Hope that helps!

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