With Love From, Kat Whips It Into Shape!

I’m so excited to introduce you all to a new series here at Live Simply which I like to call “Whip It Into Shape!” Everyone has at least one area of their home that’s begging to be organized, and which quietly but unmistakably nags at you and weighs on you as the project you know you’re meant to tackle, but somehow just can’t find the motivation to. Well, my friends, you’ve just found it.

Kat Tanita is a little style maven. Working in the fashion industry in New York City, and blogging at With Love From, Kat, she is well-versed in the language of ‘Bauble.’ Only trouble? Her jewelry drawer wasn’t really doing her gems justice. That all changes when Kat whips her jewelry drawer into shape. Take a look and read about how she did it:

I’m so glad that Annie asked me to guest post for her “Whip it into Shape” series. My little desk drawer has been haunting me – it is always a mess. Since no one else sees it but me, I have avoided organizing it…until now!

As you can see in the before shot, I had earrings clumped together on that silver tray and rings just scattered all over. To organize this drawer, I took everything out and laid it on my desk. I then got rid of any jewelry I hadn’t worn in a while and tossed any odds and ends that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. I organized what remained into sections; rings, earrings, bracelets, sunglasses. I brought 3 little dishes from my kitchen and used them as storage for my rings and bracelets. I’m all about using what you have – think shoe boxes, vintage trays, julep cups, condiment dishes, etc.

My earrings were the trickiest part of organizing this drawer. I wanted to display them in a nice way, but didn’t know how. My biggest concern was having them sliding around every time I opened the drawer. I decided to experiment! I took tops from my jewelry boxes and pouches and placed a pair of earrings on each. The earrings surprisingly stayed put, and now I can actually see what earrings I have! I get so excited every time I open this drawer. Thank you for inspiring me to whip my jewelry drawer into shape Annie!


I love what Kat did to organize her jewelry drawer. Having things grouped by category makes everything easy to find, and since Kat has now instilled some intention behind the placement of her baubles, she will certainly be much more likely to put things back where they belong = prime organization endurance. I also very much like that she arranged things in such a way that they stay put when she opens and closes the drawer. There’s nothing more frustrating or futile than expecting a drawer’s contents to naturally stay in place. A+ girlfriend!

And now it’s your turn. Do you have an area in your own space- big or small- that needs to be whipped into shape? If you do, and you’d like to have it featured it here, get at me!



  1. Great ideas! Love organized and neat drawers! And I especially love jewelry. What girl doesn’t?

  2. recipeforabeautifullife says:

    I really need a jewelry drawer! Right now everything is piled on my dresser and it’s a mess! Great post :)

  3. Kat did a great job! So inspiring! And I love this series. So looking forward to seeing more. Truly, you inspire me each and every day :) xoxo

    • Thank you so much for the sweet comment, Dawn! Means so much to me that I can. And I agree, I think she did a fantastic job! :)

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