Live Simply All-Star: Drawer Dividers

Perhaps it should go without saying (being that nearly every organizing lesson here has featured them) but here I am, about to say it anyway. It is my blog, after all.

K, so here’s the deal: drawer dividers are the shiznit. Seriously. Drawers are inherently very difficult to keep organized. They are both vast and undefined space, and the contents inside are constantly being jostled around as you slide the drawer open and closed. Dividers are the easiest, sure-fire way to ensure that all the drawers in your home stay organized. And it turns out all those little drawers really do affect the overall feeling of organization in a space.

These are a god send in the bathroom for small tools, cosmetics and makeup, in the kitchen for those pesky utensils, In the junk drawer for all those miscellaneous whatnots, in the office for all those office supplies, and on and on. See for yourselves:

Want further proof? Drawer dividers have also cropped up in my posts related to organizing:

Nail Polish


The Hunk Drawer

The sock drawer


– And most likely many, many more to come.

K, thanks so much for reading! Like you so much!

Image credits: California Closets, Style’N, Vogue, Real Simple, BHG, Fresh Juice, Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart, Good Housekeeping, IKEA



  1. You’re so right! I use them in the kitchen but I never thought to use them for my jewelry. I am so doing this! Now I just have to free up a drawer :) xoxo

  2. These images seriously make me breathe a little better. Nothing quite like beautiful organization especially when it comes to baubles.

  3. Beautiful. Would be great for my drawer of scarves.

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