A Post In Contrasts

Hi there little weekend-desperadoes.

Today, some lovely things to look at. I keep finding myself inexplicably drawn to images featuring deep contrast. The airy-fairy, light and breezy white, colliding smack-dab with a slab of rich dark, black. Somehow, the two seem to balance each other out just perfectly.

That last one. I mean, come on. My socks. Are knocked off. They’re across the room in a little crumpled cotton ball.

Am I alone in this? Or are these images really as superbly satisfying to the eye as I make them out to be?

Image credits: House Beautiful, Spyglass Design, Style at Home, Lonny Mag, Elle Decor, House and Home, House Beautiful, Aristea Rizakos, Y. McFadden LLC



  1. Beautiful pics. I love the contrast between dark and light also!

  2. The kitchen in that second photo is such a dream – love the sky lights!

  3. You are so not alone! I love this look too. In fact, I’ve been swooning over that second image of that kitchen for a while now. You just gave me even more eye candy to die for :)

    Have a great weekend, Annie! xoxo

  4. I love the name of your blog. I need to remind myself of that frequently! I love the high contrast two. I’m especially drawn to high gloss black doors recently.

  5. Okay the white table and chairs has my heart! Love these contrasting examples Annie:)

  6. The room with the view of the sea is gorgeous! Btw Annie, do you have a post about organizing jewelry?

  7. A lovely selection here! I especially love the bright, airy kitchen in the second photo and the gorgeous terrace with the view.

  8. Black + white is my favourite palette – I adore the rich black glossiness against white, so glam! Love the idea of a black wall too, but not sure if I’d be game enough to do this! xx

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