A Lady Cares For Her Brassieres

– A lady will shower her bras with the love and gentle touch they require by hand-washing them in cold water with a mild soap, preferably a special lingerie wash. Unless the lady in question lives in the real world and is anyone I’ve ever come into contact with, in which case said lady will never do the previously mentioned act, but do this, instead:

– If a lady perspires an average amount, she may wear her bras 3-4 times before they will need washing. If the lady is chronically over-sweaty, then she should launder her brassiere after each wearing.

– When a lady deposits her bra into the dirty hamper, she should make sure to secure the bra’s clasp. This will ensure that the hooks don’t snag on any other garments (heaven forbid).

– A lady may protect her bras from the harshness of the washing machine by using a lingerie bag. For those ladies who’ve been living under a rock, this most often means a simple mesh bag, usually with a drawstring or zip closure. The lady may place the whole bag into the washing machine with the rest of her laundry.

– A lady should take care when choosing her detergent; bras are quite delicate and prefer the mildest of mild soaps.

– After washing, a lady may remold the cups of her brassiere, untwist any twists, and so on, in order to help the bra retains its intended shape.

– A lady will never, under any circumstance, put her brassiere in the dryer. Even a lady living in the real world, and one whom I’ve come into contact with. A lady will obediently hang-dry her bras wherever her home allows.

– A lady will take care to rotate the bras that she wears. She will understand that she must be sympathetic towards the elastics of her bras, and in rotating the one’s she wears, will allow the elastics the time they need to recover.

– A lady will recognize a brassiere that needs to be pitched by the wrinkles in its cups, the slack and saggy quality to its straps, and by its abundant fraying or pilling. Seeing thus, the lady will appropriately dispose of the thing.

– Finally, a lady will store her bras by stacking them neatly inside a drawer.

Because a lady sometimes requires an additional reminding, here’s a helpful chart to keep on hand:

Image credits: Commas and ClausesSolutions, Linen Wash, Lunaticarus FotosearchWacoal Bra, unknown, Follow the WifeMSN, Faire Frou Frou



  1. chiclittleblackdress says:

    Thank you for posting this… I’m one of those ladies that needs to treat her undergarments better… It doesn’t make sense to drop 50 on a good bra for it only to last a month!!
    PS : I’ll been thinking of a good post suggestion. What if you had people send you a picture of their messy rooms and you give suggestions on how to organize it!!??

    • livesimplybyannie says:

      It so doesn’t!!
      I actually really love that idea, and have thought about it before myself. Will definitely put some more thought into I would orchestrate it all. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I love this Annie! I’m a bit guilty of not looking after my bras as well as this, but I need to start as they are so expensive! xx

  3. I do all of the following, except clasping the bra prior to washing…thats a good additive. love that!!!

  4. I guess I am the least ladylike of your readers so far. I do wear them at least three times before washing and clasp the bra before washing… but after that, I’m all downhill. They get washed with whatever else is remotely the same color. It could even be socks. Just being real here. Then they are unceremoniously tossed into the dryer with everything else. The final insult to their delicate nature is, I don’t fold them. I stuff them in the drawer. There are probably bras in the bottom that haven’t seen the light of day in quite some time – they come out when the frequently-used bras wear out – about once year. I’m hopeless.

    • livesimplybyannie says:

      I definitely don’t think you’re alone in this Cris. I’d say if you’re looking to easily up your lady-bra-status, ditch the dryer! Dryers are seriously damaging to delicate, little dainty bras. Fish them out and hang them up.. anywhere!

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