Live Simply All-Star: The Tiered Shelf

Very deep, large cabinets and shelf space are a godsend, we agree? (We love storage, storage how we love thee.) The only problem is that such spaces aren’t very small-object-friendly. You may be able to fit a whole lot on one shelf, but, being on the same level, and being similarly sized, you’ll really only be able to see the items that are sitting front row. Thus, why the tiered shelf is so clutch.

Popping a tiered shelf  into your cabinet or shelf space is an easy way to instantly achieve differing levels, and with them, highly increased visibility. Stack the largest objects on the highest tier, and the smallest on the lowest, and you’ll suddenly be able to see everything you own.

Other upsides include the fact that tiered shelves are usually very affordable, incredibly easy to install (note the earlier “pop in”), can be found in a variety of styles and materials, and many come with the added bonus of being expandable, only furthering their suitability to your particular cabinet.

Use them in the bathroom for pill or vitamin bottles or cosmetics:

In the pantry for things like spices and canned goods:

And even for your nail polishes:

The only downside to the tiered shelf is its precarious factor. I have found that you must remove and replace items gingerly. If not, you can easily disturb and knock over other objects. Still, not a big enough drawback to prevent these from earning all-star status in my mind.


Small objects + deep shelves/ cabinets = opportunity for disaster.

” + tiered shelves = problem solved.

Do you use tiered shelves anywhere in your own home?

Image credits: Real Simple, Merillat,  BHG, unknown, Beauty Broadcast



  1. You’re so right – I need to utilize my deep set shelving more wisely! Thank you for the ever-present useful tips :)

  2. I never thought of using one as a “spice rack.” Genius. I’m a bartender and we have tiered shelves at work and they’re wonderful (except when you knock over the $50 bottle of Grey Goose because you’re a klutz). I’m going to use them on our bar cart at home; they turn the bottles into a pretty display. :)

    • livesimplybyannie says:

      I actually meant to include an example of using these for your bar!! So funny, it totally slipped my mind, but you just reminded me. And yes, you see what I mean about the precarious nature of these things. But still, very useful. Thanks for the comment!


  1. […] is Celina’s nail polish collection. I absolutely love (and heartily approve) of her use of tiered shelves to keep them neat and give her maximum visibility. (More help on the nail polish front […]

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