In The Mirror

Today I am loving on these decidedly attention-grabbing mirrors. You can see how the spaces below rely upon them as their main decorative element, and for good reason. Mirrors add depth, polish, and light. They exist as a form of art, yet blend seamlessly into any space by reflecting back the beauty of the room.

What’s your take on mirrors? Any favorite ways to place/ hang them for maximum impact?

Image credits: Jennifer Garrigues, Marie Claire Mason, Dreamy Whites, Amy Morris, Diana Viñoly, High Gloss Magazine, Mathew Millman, Domino MagazineRoyal Design Stencils



  1. Who doesn’t love a good mirror!? I have a giant oversized circular one above my dining room table and I just adore it. I love mercury glass ones too, and anything venetian.

    • livesimplybyannie says:

      I’m also a big fan of mercury glass! Feels a bit more special/ antiqued doesn’t it? Thanks for the comment!

  2. Great inspiration, here. I love large mirrors on closets; they make the room look so much bigger. I’m also a huge fan of mirrors that are decorative.

    • livesimplybyannie says:

      Mirrors are an excellent way to make a space feel bigger, and of course, we all want the closet to be bigger :) so I’d say that’s the perfect place for one!

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