Labels To Love

Labels are a fantastic organizing tool. They allocate specific containers and areas for specific items, which helps you to stay organized, and they allow you to identify things quickly and easily. With that in mind, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite labels from all over the web for your labeling pleasure. These slick stickers are free, downloadable, printable, and enjoyable.

* Totally gorgeous mason jar labels via The Pretty Blog

These have to be the loveliest labels ever to have been designed, no?  Download these completely and entirely gratuitous beauties here.

* Removable Canister Labels via Martha Stewart

Smooth them on, then peel them off when you’re ready to switch the jar’s contents. I, for one, am sold on the non-committal aspect of these. Download the labels here, and print on clear decals.

* Lovely pantry labels via The Social Home

It’s people like Jen, creator of these beautiful labels, that make me feel like the world is a really nice place. After re-organizing and labeling her own pantry, she decided to offer up the labels as a freebie to her readers. Download the rectangular version here, and square, here. And check out Jen’s shop on Etsy, The Paper Society, for more customizable labels.

* Chalk labels in fillable templates via Erin Rippy of Ink Tree Press

Chalk. Labels. Need I say more? I think not. Download the free labels here.

* Freezer labels via Martha Stewart

Because the freezer can all too easily become a graveyard for indistinguishable bagged and packaged goods, Miss Martha created these labels for easy identification. Download the SUPER bright and colorful rectangular versions here, and the slightly more understated and square here.

* Vintage and Apothecary-style labels via Amy Moss of Eat Drink Chic

Honestly, go scrounge up some bottles just so you have an excuse to use these lovelies. Download the vintage apothecary labels here, and the oil and vinegar labels here.

* Moving box labels via Martha Stewart

Hugely helpful during a move, or when you’re boxing anything up, these MS labels allow you to jot down essential information like what’s contained inside and in what room it belongs. Download the template here.

* Canister labels via Carina Gardner

 Last, but certainly not least, one more take on the pantry labels. Simple, but with a little bit of flair, download them here.

That is all for today folks. God speed and good labeling to you!



  1. These are WONDERFUL and it is incredibly thoughtful for these lovely ladies to offer them free! How generous :)

  2. hi there :) just wanted to let you know that I’m featuring you blog on my blog tomorrow. (linking to this post! )Check it out!

  3. Love the post–I gotta get some jars now :D

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