Are You A Slave To The Product Sample?

Don’t we all just love cosmetics samples. Perfume, makeup, shampoo, shower gel, you name it, they make samples of it, with all the cute little packaging preserved, all miniaturized and free for your sampling pleasure.

So you get them- with the purchase of other products, as handouts at the cosmetics counter, sometimes even as tear-out’s in magazines, or as hotel souvenirs. And they’re perfectly good, and they’re free, so you have to take them. And then you have to keep them forever. Right?


Now, before I lay down the law, know this: today’s post is not my attempt to cancel the samples. In fact, I’m a big fan of the sample size, and I think people actually don’t utilize this tool enough when it comes to purchasing new cosmetic products (clue in: visit any cosmetics counter and they will make you a sample of any product of your choosing, all you have to do is ask!). If you’re in the business of actually using up your testers, then I say hooray! More power to you!

What I am taking issue with is the sample trap that I see too many people fall into;  though they have no desire to sample the sample presently, or see any realistic interest in the product developing in the future, they are unable to get rid of it. Inside that tester, they think, is a perfectly good product just waiting to be discovered.

Here’s my take on beauty samples: They are like a free ticket of admission to see the show. You either want to attend the screening right then and there, or you don’t. If someone is offering you an all expenses paid entrance of admission and you don’t immediately use it, then the truth is you’re not interested in the film offering. Which means you probably never will be. And when the day rolls around when you decide you might be ready to finally view the movie, it will have become all ancient, non-HD/3D/ super-bad definition/more movie terms as metaphors.

Here it is, simple, without the movie crap: Go into your bathroom/ vanity. Throw out any little product samples that have been sitting around for ages, collecting dust and quietly congealing. You don’t want them. You don’t need them. You can say “no” to the samples. And if you can’t I’m saying “no” for you.


Image credits: BirchboxDinah Daniel, I Covet Thee, Lonny Mag



  1. I totally agree…more things hanging around…love your tray!!

    • You’re right of course – we don’t need all of the samples we greedily collect. Though placing them in a jar in our guest bathroom is a great idea. Thank you per usual!

  2. I love your analogy about samples Annie, it is so true! I used to be a sucker for samples, until I had collected so many samples I didn’t have room to store them any more + realised I never really actually used them, so they had to go!

    • livesimplybyannie says:

      So glad you understand that lengthy metaphor. Got a little wrapped up in it, but I do think it’s fitting. Samples will suck you in if you aren’t careful!

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